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  • Lee Hyun, an orphan and debt-ridden 20 year-old high school drop-out, puts his famous avatar from 'The Continent of Magic', once the most popular online RPG game in Korea, up for auction.
  • Once the news spreads online, a fierce and unexpected competition to win Hyun's unique avatar breaks out, raising the auction price to KR₩3,090 million (± US$3 million).
  • However, when loan sharks show up to collect his deceased parents debt of KR₩3,000 million, he's left with only KR₩90 million! He utilize KR₩50 million (± US$47,000) of the money to pay for a small house for his grandmother and sister to live in.
  • Determined to support he family and send his little sister Hayan to college, he joins the next generation online RPG game named 'Royal Road' as a dark gamer.

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Novel Updates


Translation by LMS NOVEL

The Fight of Karichwi the Orc
Weed’s Song
Summon Flaming Meteors
The Star of Palrangka
Batalli, the God of Fighting
A New Achievement
Advanced Training Hall
Myul’s visit

A hidden Weapon

For this beautiful sea
Change in the Garnav plain
A brief vacation
Time sculpting
Heroes assembled
Head on match
The sorcerer of darkness
An eye for an eye
Liberation of the free City of Somren
The appearance of the Order of Iron and Steel Knights
Naval battle at Neria sea
The marching begins

Translation by Rainbow Turtle

Seo-yoon's Sacrifice
Siege of Fort Odin
Ripples at Fort Odin
Gluttony Demon
Seeds of Attack
Great Villain’s Dream
Swaying Public Sentiment
Kallapik Castle
Weed's Trap
Jeong Deuk-soo’s Anger
Hunting Record
The Loa Sword
Second Profession
The Best Hard-Working Craftsman
Baby Star
Beginning of a Star
Reckless Challenge
Desert of Tranquility
The Day That Time Stopped
Puhol Water Park
The North's Largest Construction
Water Park that Will Earn a Fortune
Hermes Guild's Outcome
Declaration of Surrender
A Real Hero
Joining of the avians
Exposed Plan
Puhol Fortress
Wedd's Profit
Formidable Enemy of the Hermes Guild
Exploiter of Glory
Hermes Guild Raid
Ratuas' Reward
Great Master
Noble Sculpture
Empire's Fall
The Special Myul Griffon Knights
Seoyoon's Father
Waking up the God of War
Black Knight's Fate
Haven Empire Raid
Crushing Blow
Weed, The God of War
Day Assault
World of the Fairies
Dragon's Quest
Teneidon's Call
The Meaning of Time Sculpting
A Beautiful World
Buying out Allies
Honorable King of Kings
Siege of Vargo Fortress
The Day the Goddess Emerged
Revolts in the Haven Empire
Myth of the World
Fall of the Sun Palace
Haven Empire's Misfortune
Collapsing Royal Palace
Tilting War
A War That Isn't Possible
Weed's Song
Frontal Attack
Disaster Ocurring
Hero's Advent
Hero's Short Agony
Resurrection of a Hateful Subordinate
Great Emperors Quest
Sky Porridge Unit
Alkazar Bridge
Encounter with Subordinates
Emperor of the Haven Empire
Abyss Knight and the Hermes Guild
Kill Without Asking Porridge Unit
Internal Affairs of the Arpen Kingdom
The Return of the King
Treasures of the Sea
Time Sculpting
Nodulle's Ending
The Final Step
Eons of Erosion
Choice of a Thorny Path
Embinyu's Avatar
Dragon's Crisis
Black bear and Dragon
Dementia Dragon
Black Dragon Ausollet
Tower Crashing Into the Ground
The Will of Great Emperor Weed
People of the North
Eye's of a Landlord
The Empire strike back
Scattered Subordinates
Invasion of the Haven Empire
Pallos's Power
Traces of History
Destination Point
Embinyu's Power
Weed's End
In the eye of the storm
Emergence of a barbarian warrior
Advance notice of an outstanding performance
Dulmore fortresss misfortune

Manhwa Updates


Translation by MangaCow

  • Season 2 ended
  • Manhwa on break
  • Go to Manhwa section

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