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Magic in Royal Road


Beside the description of some spells and the name of a few magic using classes, not much is known yet about the RR system of magic. Except for the necromancer subclass.

More of the magic system has been described in the novel Dawn traveler, but we do not have enough information yet to conclude that it is the same system.

System of magicEdit

Pair of polar oppositeEdit

Some traits of the system are already appearing. We have various pairs of polar opposites, such as:

  • Water vs Fire
  • Earth vs Wind
  • Darkness vs Light
  • Divine vs Un-holy 

The two first pairs are elemental magic, while the other two are spiritual. But it is also known that there are other sources of magic, like ice or lightning (v28c1, Bard Ray armor).

An incomplete description ?Edit

The description of the system of Magic seems to be incomplete. In fact, having 4 branches of Magic within the game (v25c6) does not fully make sense yet. 

For more information about those 4 elements/branches, you may want to compare it with magic systems from other novels.

Magician class

At the beginning,Edit

Magicians have a weak life stat and can easily die (v9c4). The same goes for strengh, to the point where they are not even able to carry a heavy bag. Their overal physical stats and abilities are weak and their only protection is to wear thin leather robes and walk around with a cane. In other words; they can not use any type of armor which would inhibit the casting magic or heavily increase the risk to fail the spell casting . 

At high level,Edit

Mages have seemingly infinite magic attack and the highest attack power (v9c4).


The magician class grows through practice, developing the ability to learn new spells (v14c7) of ever greater power.


Magic users seem to have the option to choose a "speciality" or an elective field of magic (also called attribute). For example:

  • Min So Ra has wind and electricity (v9c8)
  • Ice Dragon Binryong has water and ice (v9c3)

This could suggest one major or primary attribute (water, fire, earth, wind) and a minor or secondary attribute (ice, lightning), the second attribute being close to the first one.  

Magician's place

Magician are secretive about their research and their place are generally well protected, if not well hidden. For example, Roderick labyrinth includes various dangerous traps, that can be deadly even for a thief expert (v32c6). 

Mana & magic skillEdit

What we already know :

If spell management is the engine, mana is the fuel. In other words, mana is the strategic asset to many classes, especially to magicians. Intelligence and Wisdom stats are obviously crucial to Mana use. For a good description of mana, please read Dawn traveler .

Core skills are 

         (duration time v14c7, amount of mana, quantity and quality of ingredients available)  

Mana storing skill

In Dawn Traveler, an interesting way of storing mana is described, but it can't be applied in LMS. Also, it described the difference in the way combat and magic using class, and even the elfic race, are storing, using and managing Mana. And also the risk related to Mana Management

Mana sensing skillEdit

Same goes for mana sensing skill.

  • Identification magic for example is a basic but important way to apply this skill. It allows you to gather more information.  .

Arts & Magic 

Arts are also related to magic. 

Master Kendellev's or Master Darone's Arts are the very proof of that.

For example: Kendellev's water sculture can enhance the water magic skill (v14c7). And Darone's Arts gives access to shapeshifting. 

But the same is also true for Aqualight Painters skill, which for example, gives access to teleport and/or hidden place/dimension within the game. 

Monster & MagicEdit

Magic is not limited to humans or elves .

Many monsters also inherit at least one special magic skill, which defines them, like chaos warrior (blink) or doppleganger (morph or shapeshift). This kind of monster uses magic innately.

Some are even capable of developing their magic skill or even heavily specialize in Magic.

To name just a few :

- Lamia,

- Tori , and other vampire lords

Bar Khan or Lich Shire , former human NPC who lost their way in dark magic.

Magic Resistance Edit

A special attribute, Users and monsters can each develop a certain amount of resistance to magic toward some elements. It's similar to the affinity magicians develop with some elements.  

Not much else is know about this resistance. But it might be working in a similar way to the toughness defense skill.

Research TowerEdit

A research tower is a strategic asset and expensive investment which needs to be constructed for the rapid development of magic. Only major cities around the Continent have one(v25c6)

  • To develop magic in a city a Research Tower is needed
  • This tower is where the mages stay to study about the truth of the world.
  • It allows the study of the four different branches of magic.
  • It create a rapid growth in training among mages and will be able to teach unique experiences. Also, the research capacity of the Research Tower will vary depending on the abilities and number of the staying Archmages.
  • Developed magic could be taught to qualified mages and in exchange, the mage will give research or jewelry.
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