They are a trio of Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir. First appearance when Weed needed a ship and tricked them with Bellot's help to sign a contract to navigate to Las Phalanx in the Northern Sea[1].

Profile and dataEdit

  • Name/Known as: The 3 mad sharks of Becky Nin
  • Species: Humans
  • Class/Profession: Sailor[2].
  • Status: Alive & kicking.
  • Level: ??? [3]
  • Affiliation : none, then Arpen Kingdom [4]
  • First appearance: encounter with Weed's team [5]

Stats and SkillsEdit

Their profession is Sailor,



  • They have Sea related skills[7].




  • Three notorious pirates
    • Their headquarters was originally Becky Nin[10].
    • They used to pose as friendly navigators, only to incite chaos and mutiny among the ship's crew to steal from the captains that hired them. Often, they steal the ship to sell it at port[11].
    • They currently have notorious reputations as pirates.
  • Meeting Weed
    • They were tricked by Bellot into becoming navigators for Weed's ghost ship to get to Las Phalanx[12].
    • Weed extorted them for warm clothes as the ship came closer to the North[13].
    • He abandoned them in the north after his Navigation skill became high enough[14].
    • After he left Las phalanx, he extorted them again for 7000 gold for a ride back to civilization. They had to buy their food as well[15].
    • They first vowed to take revenge on him[16], but finally decided to rather submit than face another calamity[17].
    • When he parted ways with them he encouraged their despicable ways[18].
  • Weed's minions ?
    • When 150,000 Orcs were migrating to Morata, remembering that meeting Weed led to their misfortune, they decided to help the Orcs to Morata by building boats. They thought that they were doing him a great favour[19].
    • When Weed went to rescue the Arnin, he flew over to the three mad sharks and traded some sculptures in exchange for a large amount of seafood.
    • During the first war with the Haven Empire, they led 24 galley ships in the battle for Varna Harbour. They boarded the enemy ships and aimed for their gunpowder rooms [20].

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