Loan Shark


In LMS, loan sharks are the figure of social and child abuse.

They have played an important role in the main character Lee Hyun's life. He stopped going to school because of harassment and got (too) early on the work market where he was also abused.

First Appearance Edit

Han Jinsup Edit

To represent the loan shark interest, you have Han Jinsup of Myeong-dong. After getting paid, he challenged Lee Hyun to make 3,000,000,000 won again in 5 years. 

Shall Lee Hyun succeed, Han Jinsup would become his subordinate."Do you really believe your boldness will work in this poisonous world? If you think it’s unfair, make 3,000,000,000 won in 5 years and look for me. Then I will serve you as my Hyung-nim." [1]

Other appearances Edit

The Loan sharks opened an RR workshop and started to force people to work in RR to pay their debts through dark gaming[2].

After discovering that Lee Hyun was Weed, the God of War, they were looking through surveillance for a way to push Lee Hyun back into forced labor. But Yoo Byung Jun discovered this and asked his AI to take care of the issue.[3][4]

References Edit

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