She is the founder of the Grass Porridge Cult of Morata city[2]. She first met Weed during the Rosenheim's King tomb quest[3]. She also became the Saintess of Grass Porridge Cult from the Kingdom of Rosenheim[4]. During the invasion of Arpen Kingdom by Haven Empire and the invasion of the central continent, Lemon held strategic meetings with an inner circle of top Grass Porridge Cult members which included some very important people that had military or political backgrounds.

She wants to start a relationship with Weed, but because of Seoyoon, she understood she doesn't have a chance but hasn't given up yet. Weed's companions think that it'll only take three months for her to realize his true nature but that's yet to be seen.

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  • She participated on Weed's quest on making the Tomb of Rosenheim's King. Lemon was delighted that Weed remembered her and her achievement of moving stones 8 times even though she was just a newbie at the time[9].
  • After finding out about Weed's succesful quest against the vampires infesting Morata, fact leading to the rebuilding and development of said region, she decided to settle there.
  • She was just in her teens when she became the founder of the Grass Porridge Cult of Morata city. Under her management, the organisation grew abundantly and reached not only the whole Northern region but also took roots in Central Region of the Continent. She was even baptized as the Saint of Grass Porridge Cult from the Kingdom of Rosenheim[10].
  • Lemon managed to move stones a total of 39 times during the Rosenheim Pyramid quest[11].
  • She was so touched by Weed's action of sharing the grass porridge to the users during the quest that she copied his way during Morata's establishment[12].
  • She founded Grass Porridge Cult and with her involvment Weed, the God of War gets the image as a symbol of power and freedom for all of the newbies.
  • After Grass Porridge Cult becomes bigger, Lemon often comes out, making strategies with high level/competent users and is deploying all the users for the benefit of Morata.
  • All Grass Porridge Cult members will mobilize whenever she gives out the order. the example can be seen when Hermes Guild is trying to raid Arpen Kingdom [13].

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