The floating Island is the home of the Avian race. It was hidden in the Rosenheim Kingdom[1]. After Golden Bird went there[2], the Sky Island was moved to the Arpen Kingdom[3],

Description Edit

The floating island includes the only major Avian City, called the City of Heaven. It became a starting place for players, once that part of the game was fully unlocked. Now, it includes all the features of a starting place for Avian players, The Lavias playground includes many undergrounds Dungeon related to Undead linked to the Bar Khan Quest.

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Beginner T.C.

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City of Heaven

A Mysterious OriginEdit

  • The Origin of the City is still mysterious.
    • First, it is not clear why Lavia has the ability to fly
    • We also know that the underground parts of Lavia are occupied by Demons and Undead (remain of Bar Khan occupation V2C10). We don't know if the demon and undead dungeon occupation came at the same time, nor which came first, if they were not. Or if both are even related.
    • We just know that:

- Bar Khan was there [4] and the dungeon, were still infested with undead. - Avians lives there, that they are the descendant of golden bird. - demons are still there. But the same can be said for various other dark or hidden places.

  • last but not least, nor if the underground occupation of Lavia by Demons and Undead (Bar Khan) are related to the same period of time. Nor why places filled with demon are hidden within Lavia.


It was first discovered by Hermes founding team. Then by Weed through a book(it was given by Volk as a payment from making him a wooden flower bouquet. Volk gave the book to Weed because he sincerely wanted to reward Weed for helping him with his marriage demand) called Forgotten City - 4 [5].

From the book description, it was mentioned that you need a Mysterious Seed to climb up to the City of Heaven[6]..

  • Related NPC
    • Discovery of the flying City
    • The discovery was first made by the Hermes founding members.
  • Related NP
    • Ancient of the Baran village
  • Related PC
  • The paladin Volk
    • Weed , and his first team 

More users came up later on.

  • Famous Avian NPC
    • Golden bird, father and ruler of the avians.
    • Seagull, avian herbalist


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