Dungeon Lair of LitvartEdit

The Lair of Litvart is located in the Rosenheim Kingdom[1].

Related monstersEdit

It is a low level dungeon, mainly infested with level 20-35 kobolds and level 50s Goblins.

There is also a secret hidden room where Geihar von Arpen legacy was hidden.

To access this hidden legacy, you have to defeat a Worm Queen and her minions and you have to defeat her 99 times to be able to be able to finally kill her. 

Hidden legacy of Geihar von ArpenEdit

Related to Sculptor Master QuestEdit

This secret room, and his content is a key part of the Sculptor Master Quest 

To receive this quest, you have to get the information, either from Sage Rodrias, Search and Destroy operation in the Lair of Litvart, [2]) or from the Ancient of the Thor Kingdom [3] 

Related to Emperor QuestEdit

Weed was the first player to discover the hidden room and win over Geihar's 1000 year old legacy [4] the first Emperor legacy.

He successfully cleared the dungeon and obtained the secret of Emperor Geihar Von Arpen.

Trivia Edit

  • It took Weed about 10 days to find the hidden dungeon and another 7 days to clear it.
  • He was poisoned in the process, and barely escaped death from poisoning with Arse


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