라보스. Found in the land of the Giant. Weed received a quest to hunt Labos from villagers in Derick Village.


  • Labos lives inside Labos Hall[1].
  • Its behaviour quite similar to humans.
  • Labos physical appearance;
    • Hard skin and rigid arms, walked on its two feet.
    • Posses a long snout like crocodiles.
    • Height: 4+ meters
  • Labos Queen
    • She resembles a large crocodile.
    • She hates intruders in her nest.
    • The queen will scream out loud after seeing intruders there.
    • The Queen's Nest
      • Her prey (humans, elves and dwarves) were bound to the walls and ceiling by woven structures that look like spider webs.
      • In the centre, a large cauldron filled with boiling water that an adult male was just about to enter.

Monster InformationsEdit

  • Level 600++
  • Took advantage and swing its rigid arms towards the opponent.
  • Attack with its tail and induced paralysis towards the victim.
  • Weaker than the Giants, physically and also fighting ability. Becomes Giant's prey and hides inside the dungeon.


  • Weed used Summon Sculpture Skill to summon Cerberus and Bahamorg. Thanks to Cerberus superb sense of smell, they found the entrance to Labos Hall dungeon hidden somewhere in the village relatively quick[2].
  • Weed raised a group of undead Labos army using fresh Labos corpse. Undead Labos could be called high-level monsters[3].
  • They (Weed, Bahamorg, Cerberus, Van Hawk & Tori) took two days, to reach the end of Labos Hall and found Labos Queen’s Nest[4]. She threatens Weed that she'll boil the human being she captured if Weed moves even a little bit.

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