Kolderim, Knight


A Knight Officer and a leading figure from Kallamore Kingdom. A hero that had led his soldiers into countless battles and won against Haven Kingdom [2] before he was tricked by Vampires and his soul entrapped inside a bead.

Profile and dataEdit

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Class/Job: Knight
  • Level: N/A
  • Status: Game World, Deceased[3]
  • Mentioned: 1st mentioned Volume 11 Chapter 9;

NPC InformationEdit

  • His soul trapped inside a bead for 30 years before Weed and his colleagues liberated him.
  • The bead being kept inside the Vampire treasury in Todeum kingdom.

Stats and skillsEdit

More to come


  • Haven Kingdom and Vampire Complot[4]
    • Haven Kingdom conspired with Vampires to kidnap Kolderim, but their plan failed.
    • Vampires then lured him away from his soldiers with the beautiful Vampire Queen.
    • Captivated by her, Kolderim unknowingly followed. As a result, his soul was stolen by Vampires. They sealed his soul inside a bead and kept it inside Vampire Treasury in Todeum.
    • His soldiers can't catch up with his horse riding skill. In the end, they only found his soulless body. He was presumed dead.
    • Without their leader, Kallamore Kingdom lost to the Haven Kingdom army during that war.
  • Kallamore Kingdom's The Supreme Commander of Army[5]
    • Kolderim make a formal appearance in front of his King, King Vincent Kallamore III after liberated by Weed and his companions.
    • He explains to him chronology of his 30 years disappearance, the perpetrator and also his saviour.
    • Once the King heard about this, he decided to launch the war against the Haven Kingdom and restore Kallamore Kingdom's former glory.
    • Kolderim acted The Supreme Commander and leads of 90,000 Kallamore Kingdom’s army troop[6].
  • Kolderim and Van Hawk, Death knight Connection
    • More to come


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