King Snake

King Snake

Or Unique Giant Snake.

It look like an Gigantic Anaconda.

It's the regular named Boss monster of the Karaka forest, after the death of Lich Shire. It block the pass to the rotten Lich Dungeon. 


King of snake

It has a body over 10 meters (40 feets), a giant head with a forked tongue and Geomchi5 took it for a fallen tree... and some intelligence. v8c5

Special attacks Edit

Large body with a very though skin, capable of breaking a bull back. 

Very quick movement, to the extend that you cannot run away from it. 

Fangs with poisons and its pointed teeths are capable of piercing heavy armor

A deadly blue poison smoke  

Exceptional hidding skill


Hates fire

Weak to confusion magic 


Boss monster of the Karaka Forest, in the plain of despair, near the Dark Elf Citadel.


First mention v7c9 

Deadly fight with the Pale, Zephyr, Hwaryeong, and Geomchi party v8c5

Other featuresEdit

You have to kill it, if you want access to Lich Shire Dungeon (v8c6). It's a unique regular boss monster. So, it will respawn, no matter how many time you kill it (where Lich Shire will not).

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