The Murderer's Mark

The bloody diamond on the forehead—the sign of a murderer

Introduction Edit

The Killing Penalty, or commonly known as Murderer's Mark refers to a red diamond located in the forehead of a player. It is the sign of one who has killed a fellow user[1]. Normally in Royal Road game, unless the player decides so, their name will not appear, so it's generally hard to differentiate between players to NPCs.

However, "Murderers" become cursed by the world so they cannot hide their own name.

A murderer must go through specific trials or quests in order to hide or get rid of this mark.

Description Edit


The crimson signs of a Murderer.

A user can hide his true identity, sometimes pretending to be an NPC as long as he wants it that way, but a murderer who has PKed(Player Killed) one or more users is promptly denied the right to privacy.

Their avatar's name will be displayed in red and a bloody diamond will appear on the forehead, the sign of one who has killed a fellow user[2].

There are tremendous penalties being the recipient of the mark. While being vulnerable to the attacks of other users, the drop rate for items would be higher than most at death.

Therefore, obtaining quests will be more difficult, making it harder to be released from the mark[3].

Penalty InformationEdit

Trivia Edit

  • To be freed of the mark, one has to either donate to the church or finish some quests to redeem themselves.
  • Seoyoon was the first person Weed meet on Royal Road to bear the Murderer’s Mark[4].
  • Most of the Hermes Guild users have high infamy and Murderer's Mark[5].


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