Kallamorian city

A Kallamorian knight Order


Once a great Empire with vast territory and one of the strongest Kingdom in the Central Continent. Its Royal Knight Army is admired as the strongest and shiny knight elite of the Continent[1]. It became a stepping stone to the foundation of the Haven Empire.


  • A proud country with a noble and fierce tradition of knighthood.
  • One of the strongest kingdom of the Continent[2].
  • Once raised to the Empire status, conquering part of Central Continent[3].
  • It borders Gradian Kingdom in the south, Subain Kingdom and Bremen Kingdom in the north, Haven Kingdom in the east and the sea to the west[4].
    • A great mountain range at their border (which border South ? East ? North ? West ?). This mountain range is filled with monsters and the country suffers from regular skirmish and invasions from monsters.
  • Many famous places, like :
    • Evaluk Castle, with Dain the new Lord of Evaluk [5], trying to implement a similar policy to Morata favouring culture and the people.
    • Reinstadem, where Van Hawk appeared, after the Nodule and Hildegard quest [6]
    • Senbain[7] (센바인) A region in Kallamore Kingdom with castles around it. Every week people defend it from the monsters that come down from the mountains.
    • Senbain Mountains[142] (센바인 산맥) A rugged mountain range in Kallamore Kingdom. Every week, monsters come down and spread through the kingdom.
    • Vatten Castle, located close to the border to Haven Kingdom and the first to fall to Bard Ray, most of the 60 thousand people there died[8].
    • Yorun Fortress[9].
    • Tomb of the Black Knight Teru, a dungeon[10].

Kingdom informationEdit

  • King
    • King Vincent Kallamore III (빈센트 칼라모르 3세), was killed in the last Haven war [11]
  • The Royal knight order

The core of Kallomorian culture and society[12]. It primarily exist to defend the Kingdom against monster flood [13] and against enemy of the Country.

    • Kolderim (콜드림), was killed in the last Haven war [14]
      • Title: War Hero, Hero of Kallamore[15]
    • Van Hawk, former vice-captain of the Kallamorian Royal Knight division[16].

The Empire collapsed due to several reasons[17]:

  • Commander of the Royal Knight Army, and Hero of the Kingdom mysteriously disappeared and the King's power was weakened.
  • Ruthlessness and efficiency of Haven's leadership


  • Weed freed the soul of 2 great knights of Kallamore's history, Kolderim's and Van Hawk's.
  • Helped to defend Morata to repay a debt contracted by Kolderim in Todeum kingdom, the Vampire land [18], former vice-captain of the Royal Knight Army.
  • The Country was brutally invaded and destroyed by the Haven Kingdom, their nemesis. After the war hero Kolderim refused to submit, he was killed by Bard Ray [19]. Bard Ray used this war to claim leadership over Haven[20]
  • The Kallamorian Royal Knight Army, came back from the dead, in Reinstadem, led by the Abyss Knight Van Hawk, after the Nodule and Hildegard quest [21]. His undead army was destroyed too[22].
  • Under Haven occupation, Dain became the new Lord of Evaluk Castle [23].


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