KMC Media is a broadcasting company in Korea.

Facts Edit

KMC Media is a direct competitor to CTS Media who has broadcast the television series Weed, named after the main characters game name.

Other broadcast stations mentioned include LK Games, On Studios, Digital Media, CHN Broadcasting[1]. KVTV[2] also.

Director Kang's first meeting with Hyun was during his anniversary celebration at which a ice sculpture was ruined and Hyun was tasked with a real life sculpture. As a result saving the hotel's restaurant severe embarrassment and public dishonour.

Associated People Edit

  • Real World
    • Director (Chairman) Kang[3]
    • Shin Hye Min (reporter)
    • Oh Joo Wan
    • Miss. Yu Aring[4] (Idol Singer, TV Host, Stand in)
    • Han Sangho (host)[5]
    • Im Dana (host)[6]

References Edit

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