Repair Skill


Also translated as Repair Skill. First introduced in Volume 1 Chapter 3. It is production-related classes sub-skill; eg Blacksmith, Sculptor or Tailor classes. It helps gamers to lift the durability limitation on their weapon, while travelling and dungeoning.


  • As it is a sub-skill, so it increased in level quicker than other main skills like Sculpting or Cooking Skill[1].
  • It gives the option of mentioning the type of repair, which obviously is not limited but related to a certain skill; eg. Sculpture repair (Sculptor class), Armour and Weapon repair (Blacksmith class).
  • Enables the user to repair items and restore its durability. The higher user skill level will result in higher item durability restoration after it was repaired[2].
  • So it's either a basic skill open to everyone or a strategic sub-skill for certain classes (source).
  • Could also become a major skill, like a speciality, if the technology level growth strong enough.

Skill InformationEdit

  • In order to activate this skill, the user need to chant "repair!" while using repair tools like hammer or sculpting knife.
  • Repairing item using specialized repairing tools like hammer increases repairing skill by a certain percentage.
  • Beginner Level
    • Beyond Lv. 5, the user can forge basic weapons and gears.
  • Intermediate Level
    • The ability to repair has been improved based on the skill level.
    • Able to restore the maximum durability of an equipment with a complete repair.
    • The Blacksmithing skill can be learned at this stage.
  • Advanced Level
  • Skill Advantages


  • Aquiring Sculptor Class Set Skills
  • The Begining of "The Jack of All Trade" Weed
    • At first, he helped others (NPC and gamer) to repair their weapons and armours whenever its low in durability. Repairing would be costly if brought to blacksmiths in the City. Plus this save travelling time
    • Using this method, he gains the opportunity to practice and level up his repairing skill.
    • He gained NPC trusts as a bonus after he helped repaired their gears[6].
  • There is No Substitute for Hard Work
    • Weed bought a massive amount of armours and weapons that cost him a total of 100 golds in order to level up his repairing skill.
    • He continues to break and then repair the items until durability of the item dropped and lastly it was permanently destroyed. He repeated this process for 8 hours in-game time.
    • The hammer that Weed bought from a Blacksmith shop in The Free City of Somren increases his repairing skill by whopping 10%[7].
    • Using this method, Weed reached Repair Skill Intermediate Level at Volume 3 Chapter 8.
  • Bussiness Minded Weed
    • He meticulously repaired torn shirts and then sell them at a higher price than when he obtained them[8]. Using this method, he accumulates his wealth.
    • While selling food and sculptures at a higher price, he offered item repairing service for low durability items to his customers for free as an extra service[9]. Customers didn't complain his high pricing food and sculptures because they could repair their gears for free.

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