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She is one of Weed's friends both inside the game and in real life. She met Weed in the outskirts of Serabourg City[1]. She is a healer and play a support role in the party[2]. She also has some defensive spells but they are low leveled.[3]. She has a nice and unsuspecting personality[4].

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  • Her Faith stat is much higher than usual Clerics of her level[9].


  • Spell list:

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  • Personality
    • Kim In Young/Irene is a very kind person[12].
    • She is usually the quietest member of the team [13].
    • She is also exceptionally sharp, as she can see through most of Weed's facades, such as when she asked Mapan about the Zara Turtle Soup and the dubious expiration date of the ingredients[14].
    • Irene and Weed share a personality trait when it comes to friends: it's OK to exploit them to gather experience. For example, when she actually asked her friends to get hurt so that she could heal them[15].
    • She rejects most suitors as she only intends to date and marry her ideal man[16].
  • Combat Style
    • She also can be overwhelmed, for example when the 500-person Geomchis clan solely relied on her. During those times, in the face of severe adversity[17] she loses her cool and  panics.
    • To increase her skills proficiency and help beginner users, she carries out charitable activities near Morata's gates[18].
  • Other Features
    • Her affiliation to Freya's church was revealed in the novel when she had cast Protection of the Goddess[19] on Seoyoon's father. The defense of Bart's armor had climbed by 5 times and it lasted a day. It required at least level 420+.
    • She also became one of Weed's sculpture models[20].

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