Item identification skill




First introduced at Volume 1 Chapter 3 as reward to complete "Follow Zahab’s Last Wish" quest. Enables you to acquire game information relative to unidentified things.


  • Using this family of skill, information related to unknown things, place or creature can be grasped.
  • There are several sub skills under Identification skill, usually based on the gamer class nature / profession.
  • Apparently, this skill family is not limited to identifying small non-living things (eg. sculptures, books, sword etc) but can also be related to large locations (dungeon, etc) or living things (sculptural lifeforms, monsters etc).
  • Sculptors, painters or other similar oriented class looking at artwork from ancient time related to their class can also grasp new informations related to their class.

Sculpture IdentificationEdit

Profession skill that available to art class profession especially sculptors. Weed used Sculpture Identification skill to appraise sculptures brought to him by others at Kuruso/Kuruseo, in Thor Kingdom[1].

Creature IdentificationEdit

Profession skill only available to thieves, scouts, assassins, and adventurers. It was a skill to enable you to see detailed information of your opponents.[2]

Dungeon IdentificationEdit

It was an identification skill that could be used after acquiring a certain amount of information about a special area through reading and conversations! Adventurers had an easier time of finding facts and information[3].

Other related informationEdit

  • To activate the skill, a gamer need to chant "감정!" or "아이템 감정!", translated as "Identify!", "Inspect!" or "Item Inspect!" by translators.
  • Doesn't work all the time, nor does it work 100%. Also, results might be influenced by stat (luck), buff or items.
  • Information obtained depends on the level of skill (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) to identify things.
  • The higher the skill, the more information might be obtained.


  • Weed visited an appraisal shop to identify the value of Crimson Necklace of Life he obtained at Lavias. At that time his item identification skill still low. He have to pay 50 gold to Wizard Lindell (a gamer) for her service[4].
  • Sometimes, Weed gain additional art stat after using 'sculpture identification skill' to identify sculptures with artistic values[5].
  • Painter Gaston 가스톤 and Architect Pavo 파보 discovered "Unnamed Mythical Sculpture" about birth and death inside Lord of Morata's castle and receive several stats buffs (+1290 Fame, +20 all stats, +500 health, +2 Wisdom & Intelligence, +47 art)[6]
  • Thief Nide 나이드 use Creature Identification to find information on Monster Kramanoim then shared it with his party[7].
  • Adventurer Nadal use Identify Dungeon skill to scout underground passage made for the royal family of Rosenheim Kingdom[8].
  • Weed used this skill to identify new metal loot he got at Land of the Giants. The metal called "Migrium" [9]


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