Ice troll 2

Ice troll


A subspecies of Troll, they possess similar characteristics but are better adapted to colder climates.


They are nearly identical to their regular counterparts but possess some key differences.

  • They are white as snow.
  • Their levels are around 320[1] .
  • They can survive in a large variety of lower temperature climates.
  • Commonly seen alone or in pairs, although it's possible for them to form larger groups.
  • Cold emanates from their body[2]

Monster InformationEdit

  • Very strong physically.
  • Tough to kill.
  • They regenerate extremely fast, even faster than the normal variants.
  • Sometimes seen wielding weapons such as axes or spears[3].
  • Weak to fire
  • Rather low on intelligence and wisdom[4]


  • First seen by Weed in the Valley of Death[5].
  • They possess a strong reproduction rate, even higher than orcs[6].
  • Weed later shapeshifted into an Ice Troll during Embinyu's invasion of Rosenheim Kingdom. This would later increase the monster's popularity immensely[7].

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