Bull hunter
Plains of Despair

The Plains of Despair


It is a wandering bull-like monster that Weed transformed as an Orc faced in the Plains of Despair, its natural habitat[1].


It is a Magical beast, level around 320, usually hunts people and other monsters, according to the villagers living in the Plains of Despair it is believed that Hunters of Plains were warriors that got cursed by a dark spell and were turned into monsters[2].

Monster InformationEdit

  • Strong vitality, large health pool[3].
  • Ability to decrease an enemy's vitality every successful hit[4].
  • It hunts with spears and probably similar weapons[5].
  • Always follow their pray[6].
  • Its weakness is being attacked from behind[7].


  • When Weed faced this monster and was decided to fight it, he realized that someone else was the monster's pray, luckily this person was Seoyoon who easily defeated the monster[8].


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