Background Edit

Weed obtained this item after completed Prima Requests to plant flowers in the north.

Info Edit

This is the stat of the item when Weed first identify it.

High Elf Bow:
Durability 65/65. Damage 98. Range 18
A High Elf creates one bow in their lifetime. Due to its scarcity, the
rarity of it is uncompared. Finding elves were very difficult in the human
world and even more difficult for a human to befriend one and receive this bow
as a gift. Imbued with the power of Sprites.
Restriction:Level 400.  Agility 1000.   Archer related profession.
Options: +40% chance to hit  +40% range
User can move very rapidly
The damage done by arrows is elemental damage
Affinity with spirits +5%.
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