헤스티거 반 루드바흐 Edit


A desert warrior with talent, looks and leadership abilities.

A famous historical hero and right hand of the Pallos Emperor in the warring age. Briefly resurrected by Weed in order for him to lead the battle against Haven six imperial army divisions in front of the Arpen Kingdom's palace.

He was deemed by Weed as his true heir.

Appearance Edit

Hestiger had the appearance of a grand and righteous warrior. His hair and cloak flew in the wind. 

Typical desert warrior physique:

  • rugged muscular body as large as Barbarians
  • sunburned skin.
  • various weapons (especially a scimitar)
  • several body scars

Noted in-game and reality as the most handsome among the Desert Warriors, by possessing a handsome face, honest chivalry mindset and a great model's beauty to the level of high-elves feeling amiable towards him.

  • Noble Blonde hair
  • Thick eyebrows
  • Clear Blue eyes
  • White Teeth
  • Slender face
  • Actor's beard

A sturdy, tall and good looking person with a considerate nature towards his subordinates. His swordsmanship couldn’t be questioned and he always gained great achievements on the battlefield. He gave off a stylish appearance as he drove his camel forward for an assault.

Hestiger’s smile was like a gem, but it didn’t lose any civility. Thick eyebrows, white teeth and large clear eyes. His whole body was in perfect balance and his proportions was like a beautiful statue. There was no difference between the body and muscles of Hestiger compared to the sculptural lifeforms. But this muscular body was completed with the attractive face!

Hestiger’s chest and arm muscles attracted the attention of the elves. His charm was increased even more by the attractive 3 high-elves! Hestiger’s body wasn’t slim like the elves.  

The straight eyebrows, high nose, clear blue eyes and soft, upright mouth. Needless to say, it was a very handsome face with a body and legs that matched it.

A tall person that would have no choice but to stand out on the streets. Maybe wearing clothes would allow even designers to feel pride in their profession. A straight nose and masculine jaw line.

A handsome appearance with overflowing charm. His appearance felt much more like a king than Weed’s. The muscles of Hestiger’s naked upper body was like a beautiful work of art. He possesses a gentle smile that would melt the heart of women.

In the elven armour, the noble looks, refined atmosphere and power brimming from his body could be felt. The muscular body was similar to Geomchi but the crucial difference was his face. The complete unison between face and body![1]

Even when he was just standing still holding the scimitar, he looked like a cool piece of art. An attractive charm that would cause the females to pounce like moths.


  • Name: Hestiger
  • Species/Race: Human
  • Level: [2] 869 (Level: 820's in warring era[3]
  • Title:  Savior of the World[4]
  • Classes/Professions:
    1. Sun Warrior (Desert Warrior)
    2. Warrior/Hero who Saved the World (Knight, upgraded from Sun Warrior) [5] [1]
  • Status: Deceased, 24 hours Sculpture Resurrection [6]
  • Mentioned: Volume 34 Chapter 9
  • Appearance: Volume 35, 36, 37, 38, 39,
    • Volume 40 Chapter 9, 41, 42 Chapter 1-2
    • Volume 46 Chapter 8: Indirect Appearance

NPC InformationEdit

In the warring age Edit

  • The lucky elite desert warrior and leader of the Red Lions Corp as part of Great Emperor Weed's entourage....
  • After the final battle, Hestiger assisted in the development of the Pallos Empire and later became a traveler, adventurer and high-elf friend to find his master, Weed.
    • Hestiger obtained equipments from the high-elves and discovered more of the world.
    • He left several relics when traveling through the Desert of Tranquility's legendary oasis.
    • Excerpt from Heroes in the Warring Period #3[7]:
      • "A warrior and well-mannered gentleman, he has no defects and is a perfect specimen. During the warring period, countless women who were nobles or commoners would soak their pillows with tears while thinking of him.
      • There are rumours that Hestiger handled any crime in the warring period. Hestiger didn’t seek honour and power and only lived for discipline and justice. His strong mind was unshakable by cowardice, greedy or hedonism.
      • If it wasn’t for Hestiger then the establishment of the Pallos Empire might not have been possible. Hestiger can be called a true hero that represents this era."
    • Hestiger’s adventures were also an important part of history.
      • [8]-After taking the elves home, I wandered the world. I went to all types of places with the elves. Past the south and west, through the Desert of Tranquility and past some swamp lands before boarding a boat made of nails.
        • -Hestiger brought five camels with him. He only walked a certain distance in the Desert of Tranquility every day and made sure there was plenty of food and water. It took 143 days for Hestiger to conquer the Desert of Tranquility.
      • -After finding traces of the gods, I ended up fighting in the land of the giants…
      • [9] Lodsiker Meet:
        • “While wandering the land with large footprints, I met a human adventurer called Lodsiker who arrived at the land of the giants.”
        • “Lodsiker explored the land of the giants with me. And from there……”
        • “Great Emperor, there is no time. If you find the Allium flower while following the large footsteps to the red monument then you will be able to know the rest. Maybe…something there will be waiting for Master."
        • “I am relieved to hear Great Emperor say that. Be sure to listen to my words. I hope you can fulfill Lodsiker’s wishes.”

Present day Edit

  • Was the third person resurrected by Weed, through Sculpture Resurrection. After some hesitation[2], Hestiger took to defend the Arpen Kingdom at the Earth Palace battle, with the goal of destroying both the 6th and the 2nd army divisions. He even killed Haven's imperial Commander Drom[10] alone.

Stats and SkillsEdit

  • Stats
    • As a Sun Warrior (Desert Warrior): innate high Fire Resistance, Aura and Fire Affinity
    • 12 Blessings instead of Weed's 5 Blessings as 'Warrior/Hero who Saved the World'
      • + High curse resistance
    • He raised his level within 3~4 of Weed's during the Nodulle’s Growth quest (820's) then gained more during and after the final battle with Embinyu Church.
  • Skills
    1. Desert Warrior Skills (Includes Sun Warrior skills)
      1. Fire Magic Skills like Fire Sword, Wrath of Fire or Undulating Flame Mark
      2. Blade of Degradation[11] (Fire attribute)
        1. Magic destruction, mana reversal skill
      3. Second Coming of Fire[12]
        1. Wide area skill
      4. Blazing Firestorm of Penance[13]
        1. Fire aura weapon infused wide area skill (Lesser than End of the Day)
      5. Storm of Rage[13]
        1. A firestorm through the weapon with Fire aura infused, a wide area skill
      6. End of the Day[4]
        1. Fire aura wide area skill size of a tsunami, has burn effect damage
      7. Lava River[4][8]
      8. Devastating Sandstorm[8]
      9. Other Basic Fire/Defense/Sword skills...and Fire elemental usage
        1. a lava aura that melts surrounding projectiles..
    2. Voice skill similar to Lion's Roar[11] that increases resilience and physical abilities
      1. An ancient war cry that wandering NPC desert warriors passed on.
      2. Effect: +160% Dexterity, Agility and Resilience, while 70% of the effect to colleagues.
    3. Archery skills[4]
    4. Possibly other weapon (axes, knives, spears...etc) skills
    5. Riding skills[11]
      1. Camels
      2. Horses
      3. Pegasus
    6. Commandeer skills
      1. Fierce Thunderbolt Assault
        1. Speed has become 129% faster. The skill will have the greatest effect on the one with the slowest speed in the group. It applies to all subordinates.
  • Equipment
    1. Leather/cloth armor
    2. Armour of Forest (Custom-made, High elven armour, summon-able)[2]
    3. Earth Sword (Scimitar, High elven sword, summon-able)[2]
    4. Loa Sword (Left in his self-made house in the Desert of Tranquility's legendary Petra's Oasis)[8]
    5. The Great Desert Warrior, by Desert Warrior Hestiger [8]
    6. Weapons looted from enemies
  • Mount
    • Camels
    • Horses
    • Friend of the forest, Iyaluterun[11]
      • a summon-able Blue Pegasus

Statue: Cheeky Subordinate[6] Edit

  • Masterpiece sculpture

In the long history of the Versailles Continent, many figures have disappeared.

However, the hero Hestiger in the warring period was a shining star who was never greedy or betrayed anyone.

He was a knight but respected and looked after the weak. A genius talent who overcame any limits with his scimitar. The wind and sun gods blessed him while the religion of the war god worshipped him.

A warrior who fought against the cruel oppression of the rulers on the immoral and disorderly continent. An individual with outstanding achievements who surpassed the limits of chivalry.

Now a human statue with the most perfect appearance is created.

  • Artistic Value: 7,985
  • Special Options: Cheeky Subordinate will increase health and mana regeneration will increase by 42% for a day.
    • Knights and warriors with the right mentality can learn skills.
    • The skills will help with the knight’s leadership abilities.
    • Honour +120.
    • The ability to study sword skills and magic skills will improve by 7% for a week.
    • All stats will increase by 41.
    • Hunting with subordinates will increase all abilities by 4%.

The Great Desert Warrior, by Desert Warrior Hestiger Edit

Appearance: Edit

  • [8]An old book discovered with the Pallos Empire flag and Loa Sword in a shabby house near the forest in Petra's Oasis. At the back of the book was a drawing of the handsome Hestiger wielding a scimitar. Upon reading the book, the reader receives Lava River and Devastating Sandstorm as skills, but if one's profession is not a desert warrior, the acquired skills will exist for 360 days.

List of chapters: Edit

  • -The correct personality of a desert warrior.
  • -How to look after the weak.
  • -A person who overcomes greed will be successful.
  • -Building up precious pride
  • -Endless perseverance is needed to solve a bad threat.
  • -The original owner of objects that fall to the ground.
  • -If you concede once, you are proud. Concede twice and you are honorable.
  • -Take care of the people around you.
  • -There is no respect to those who don’t take care of young children, the elderly and women.

Excerpts near the end of The Great Desert Warrior: Edit

  • -The Great Emperor of the desert. Traces of the Great Emperor can’t be found anywhere in the desert. After sweeping through the continent with the Pallos Empire’s warriors, he disappeared somewhere. Many warriors wanted to take the place of the Emperor. They wanted to sweep away the weak senate and rule with absolute power. The power of the Red Lion troops could change the world in a day. But as one of the founding members of the empire, I rejected their proposal.
  • -After defeating the Order of the Devils, I traveled the world with the elves. I went to many places and found traces of a new world. My fate led me into the Desert of Tranquility. Beyond this place is a mysterious and dangerous world. Maybe this oasis will be the last place I can rest on my trip.
  • -Those who come here will read this. If you walked through the Desert of Tranquility then you would have felt it with your body. The poor soil makes it hard to raise crops so the tribes needed to fight with our own strength. There were endless disputes and everyone suffered until the Great Emperor ended the cycle.
  • -I was able to be strong while accompanying the Great Emperor. He jumped into dangerous battles where warriors risked their lives. He was strict with the weak and cruel to the enemy. Sometimes he has excessive discipline and unreasonable punishment for his men, but I only understood the deep meaning behind his actions later. He was fighting a wicked group trying to take control of the world, while we were only thinking about fighting for the desert. How could I not look up to such greatness? I couldn’t properly understand the heavy burden on the Great Emperor’s shoulders. After establishing the Pallos Empire, I felt a sense of pride for being part of it. If you listen to the story of the Great Emperor and understand, then you are also part of the desert. As a warrior who followed the Great Emperor, I will leave behind a small gift for any descendants. I have left the skills I’ve learnt and the sword I received from the elves.
  • -You have passed the test of the desert. Now there is a great mission on your shoulders. The accomplishments of the Great Emperor might disappear in the distant future. Walk this path for the glory and prosperity of the Pallos Empire and the desert tribes.

Trivia Edit

  • Hestiger is the leader of the Red Lions troops of desert warriors.
  • After the destruction of the invading Haven Imperial Army, Hestiger participated with Weed team and hunted high level monsters all night long, across 3 continents [9].
  • Before leaving the present age, he "gave" Weed a new S rank quest [9].
  • Hestiger's charm could even attract high-elves.
  • Due to meeting Weed, Hestiger changed from a typical desert warrior into a righteous hero, who's latter adventures marked history.
  • Weed was jealous of Hestiger because he possessed high luck with loots and survival, the attractive index of a male model, and the combat ability of Weed.


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