A famous historical figure, right hand of the Pallos Emperor in the warring age. Briefly resurrected by Weed in order for him to lead the battle against Haven six imperial army divisions in front of the Arpen king's palace.

Profile and DataEdit

  • Name/Known as: Hestiger
  • Species/Race: Human
  • Rank: Sun Warrior 
  • Classes/Profession: Knight[1]
  • Status: Deceased, resurrected for 24 hours[2], disappearing again after 24 hours [3]
  • Title:  Savior of the world[4]
  • Appearance: Volume 34 Chapter 9
  • Mentioned: Volume 34 Chapter 9
  • Level: 869[5]

NPC InformationEdit

  • In the warring age

More to come

  • Present day

Was the third person resurrected by Weed, through Sculpture Resurrection, after Roderick and Queen Evane. After some hesitation, he took to defend the Arpen Kingdom at the Earth Palace battle, with the goal of destroying both the 6th and the 2nd army divisions. He even killed Haven's imperial commander Drom[6] with his own sword.

Stats and SkillsEdit

  • Stats
  • Skills
  1. Blade of Degradation[7]
  2. Second Coming of Fire[8]
  3. Lava River[9]
  4. Devastating Sandstorm(this is one is still maybe, but Hestinger is the one who left the skill in the book so he should also know how to use it)[10]
  • Equipment
  1. Armour of Forest[11]
  2. Earth Sword[12]

Trivia Edit

  • After the destruction of the imperial army, he was part of Weed team and hunted all night long, over 3 continents [13].
  • Before leaving the present age, he "gave" Weed a new S rank quest [14].