Heriam fencing skill


Heriam skill descriptionEdit

Description Edit

It is a series of consecutive attacks aimed at any gaps.

The skill takes advantage of any holes in the enemy’s defense. It's very useful against monsters or class with limited defense.


The benefit of Heriam Fencing increase exponentially when the consecutive attacks succeed v28c4

For each new consecutive hit, there is either an increase of agility or strengh bonus, with the consecutive cumulative effects, with a maximum of 7 extra hits. 

For example:

After the first regular hit, 

  1. Agility bonus +20% (chance to hit increase)
  2. Strengh bonus +40% (damage increase) + Crucial health damage + Stun effect + Skill temporary limitation + Maximum health temporary reduction
  3. Agility bonus +40% (chance to hit increase again) + Confusion + Loss of fighting spirit    
  4. Strengh bonus +40% (damage increase again+ Crucial health damage, etc 
  5. Agility +40%
  6. Strengh +50% + secondary damage (+15%)
  7. Agility +20% & Strengh +30% 

Source: In the Melbourne Mine, Weed killed a high level assassin after the 5th consecutive hit, and could hurt a second assassin v28c4

Mana cost : 1500 Mana points for the 7 hits.


Heriam Fencing wasn’t suitable for fighting against a soldier with a strong defense. v28c7

Heriam fencing skill : Improved versionEdit

Used v28c4 against Hermes'assassin squad

combo with sculpture destruction skill (boosting agility stat)

Added effects

Gain the initiative 

Double the effect of each hit

Add even more chained hits

Result: becoming able to quickly overpower any opponent. Only high level Soldiers can resist, or soldiers with the support of priests

Heriam tower


Where to find the Heriam Skill ?

The 12 Towers. One is in Todeum (source).

To be considered as intermediate training center

Who are the Heriam fighters ?

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