It is a skill that can be acquired from the Tower of Heroes after reaching the fourth floor, located in the Vampire Land, Todeum kingdom[1].

Skill InformationEdit

Heraim Sword Skill
The developed sword skill of the Combat Race Heraim.

A very difficult skill to operate; evidently resulted in its extinction.
While moving forward without stopping, can deliver five consecutive strikes. 

Depending on the skill level, the maximum possible of consecutive attacks and 
effect will increase.
Whenever success at continuous attacks, Strength and Agility will temporarily 

If the sword stopped moving, or is blocked, the skill will cease automatically.
For those that learned swordsmanship.
Available to all.
Must have Mana to use. 

200 Mana will be consumed when using the skill.


The Heraim people resembled beast types humans and were barely covered with primitive leather clothes, their body is muscular and are a race proficient for battle.


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