Hell-Hounds 2

Hell hounds

Melbourne Mine

Melbourne Mine


A strong monster protecting the Belkain, Woomba in the Melbourne Mine in Belkain's Lair, located in the Tullen Kigdom [1].


These monsters are around level 400 and have similarities to wild dogs, they usually fight together with the Belkain, Children[2].

Monster InformationEdit

  • Tough skin as hard as steel.
  • Aggressive monster.


  • The Hermes Guild's Royal Guards fought them and killed them all in the Melbourne Mine, but many Hermes members died in the attacks of the hellhounds[3].
  • In the Tullen Kingdom, Haineph Mountains, there's the Treipeak Fortress protecting the entrance to the Melbourne Mine[4].
Note: Also translated as Wild Dogs of Hell

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