Heesung NAMEdit

  • He is famously known as the author of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, a Korean game fantasy novel that has spanned 51 volumes since 2007.
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Fantasy NovelsEdit

  • Haima (하이마). Started on 2004 and completed with 7 volumes[1].
  • Monarch of Darkness (어둠의 군주). Started on 2004 and completed with 5 volumes[2].
  • Sun King (태양왕). Started on 2005 and completed with 7 volumes[3].
  • Millenial Wizard (천년마법사). Started on 2006 and completed with 6 volumes[4].
  • Dawn Traveler (새벽 여행자). Started on 2015 and complete with 5 volumes[5].

Game Fantasy NovelsEdit


  • Co-author of a Comic Strip of LMS. Started in 2015 and completed in 2016 with 280 strip.

Current ProjectsEdit

For more information on his current projects, check our blogpost.

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