Health recovery Spell

Related class : Cleric  A combat supportive magic class

A variety of health recovery spell are known to exists. Most of them are used by clerics or healer related class.

A major field of cleric magic.

  Level of Spell 

Tier 1 to 4. 


Healing hands => LINK

Wounded health => LINK 

Also including special healing magic 

Poison healing magic => LINK

Disease healing magic => LINK

Otherwise, not much is known so far about the cleric divine magic skill. 

The magic is not so much linked on special ingredients, but instead to prayers and a matching behavior related to your god's ethic.

Both magic have in common to rely on incantation and use of mana.  

Those type of support skill are very useful, if not useful when hunting Boss Class Monster for example.

A good example of that is Hermes guild hunting the Belkain Red & Woomba (volume 28)

Example : v28c7

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