An Imperial palace is a strategic grand building for an Empire.


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It was constructed and destroyed by Mibullo[1], Royal Road's most prominent architect. It was destroyed just after the destruction of the Arpen Royal Palace [2].

Imperial palace information windowsEdit

windows 1: creation of the Imperial PalaceEdit

The information about the creation of the Imperial palace have not been revealed.

windows 2: destruction of the Imperial PalaceEdit

The fall of the imperial palace was a decision taken by Mibullo, after the destruction of the Arpen king's palace[3]. Here is the attempted description[4] of the impact of his destruction.

  • Imperial political system has been temporarily disorganized
  • Morale of the imperial military is weakened. This has a strong impact in the NPC troops involved in the Arpen war.
  • Quest rewards for the Empire are not paid normally or can even be cancelled.
  • Residents loyalty to the Empire is falling.
  • More rebels are emerging and security can be randomly compromised. After the loss of Lavia, there is even a risk for the Empire to loose a region or even fall apart, if a political opportunity appears.
  • More smart monsters are invading villages. The Empire is expected to invest more on monster subjugation.
  • More villages are disappearing
  • Following the previous disruption of Weed quest in the warring are, a recession may appear, causing the economical development of the Empire to temporarily stop. The Empire is expected to invest more into economical development.
  • Tax incomes are reduced.
  • Confusion inside the Empire has influence on the surrounding areas. The Empire is at risk of incursions over his borders.
  • Construction of planned Grand Buildings have been temporarily delayed.
  • Imperial culture is losing some of its influence.

References Edit

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  4. This page is NOT in the book. But it has been directly written after the stat window of Arpen's Earth palace destruction.

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