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Cursed Hashilsa

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Hashhilsa's ghost ship


Hashilsa is one of boss-class undead NPC that serves directly under Bar Khan[1] command. He is the General Commander of his Undead Sea fleet.


He takes the appearance of an undead reptilian froglike man. And leads an entire higher class undead navy army, with multiple warships. His army is estimated to be on par with Lich Shire's army.

  • During the Undead great war vast amount of Undead went missing, but since the resurgence of Bar Khan, they appeared once again. 
  • Based on hierarchy, Hashilsa's rank should be just beneath Shire’s rank, as 3rd in Command.

Monster Informations

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  • A promising Admiral
    • A promising admiral that was born in the free city (Name missing) and who loved to go on adventures[2]. During one of his adventures, looking for legends of the unknown sea, he was cursed by a terrible magical spell that transformed him into an human-froglike monster.
  • The cursed Pirate
    • After being savagely cursed, as a backlash, Hashilsa became more and more obsessed with power, and overly cruel with others. For example, he didn’t even hesitate to cruelly torture his own crew members. For example, by tying down his crew’s leg and drop them under his boat.
  • Captain of the Ghost Ship
    • After, having been hunted down and sunken by other naval fleets, he was reborn as an Undead Overlord by Bar Khan himself, to become his underling. In the process, his power raised to an even higher level.
  • Dark Ruler of the Undead Sea Fleet
    • Due to his horrific appearance, one can to slip into a state of fear. Physical ability and skill may decrease. Therefore, the moral of an entire shipcrew can temporarily drops to its lowest level. If this happens, it will become impossible to regain control over the vessel[3].
  • Calling for Shire/Weed
    • He was requested by Bar Khan to call upon Lich Shire. Closed to Jigolath, and mysteriously confused by his Sculptural Shapeshifting skill, he called Weed instead, saving him, his crew and Sculptural lifeforms lifes too[4].


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