Weed with the Hard Iron Sword [1]

Background Edit

Unlike the normal Iron Sword, the Hard Iron Sword can only be obtained from an instructor of a Training Hall after completing the Basic Training Program. It is an upgraded version of a normal iron sword that can be crafted by blacksmiths. [2]

This is one of the earliest weapons Weed obtained, the other one is Zahab’s Sculpting Knife. Even though Hard Iron Sword have lower damage than Zahab’s Sculpting Knife, Weed prefer Hard Iron Sword due to its longer size, thus can reach farther. [3]

He used this weapon until he acquired Clay Sword at City of Heaven, Lavias. [4]

Item Information Edit

Hard Iron Sword
Durability: 54/54Damage: 10~14
Awarded to those who've completed the Basic Training Program. This widely-used long sword is better than basic type weapons that are available in a blacksmith’s workshop.

Strength 40+
Vitality 35+


+10 Strength

Trivia Edit

  • There are at least 3800 copies generated in-game, representing the number of people [5] who completed the Basic Training Program.


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