While in Rhodium, Weed, as an artist had to be acknowledged by the city[1]. He used about 7000 pieces of Gold to make an expensive sculpture and named it Sculptor with a lot of money. Later on, using Sculptural Life Bestowal skill, he granted life to this sculpture[2] and named it Geumini or Gold Man.

Profile and dataEdit

NPC InformationEdit

  • Personality
    • Geumini has a smart and intuitive personality, almost feminine. He can act shy on some occasion. Geumini has high intellect and a faithful heart. He wants to make his creator proud and happy. For example, while the Wyverns were goofing around, Geumini went in dungeons alone and hunted.
    • He eats like a gentleman and uses a small knife to eat King Hydra's meat given by his Master[4].
  • Level
    • After the use of Life Bestowal skill, the level of the sculpture came from converting 50% of the 762 art stats, making it level 351. But because the sculpture was rated masterpiece, he was made with additional 20% bonus on his level. Therefore he was created elite, with a level 420.
    • Original abilities : Three properties have been granted. The abilities will be granted based on the sculpture's properties and level.
      • Properties:
        • Metal 100%
        • Water 60%
        • Fire 50%

Stats and SkillsEdit

  • Stats
    • He had high physical stats like strength and agility as well as a high mental stats with wisdom and intellect. Therefore he has a high potential, both as a Warrior and wizard. He could become a strong dual class.
  • Skills
    • His skills and levels are rising on a regular basis.
    • Geumini has ingenious skill with archery and sword-fighting and can use some magic skills.
    • His skill when he was at level 446[5];
      • Beginner Level 9 Swordsmanship (combat)
      • Intermediate Level 7 Archery Skill (combat)
      • Intermediate Level 4 Fire Control Mastery (magic)
      • Level 3 Fluid Conversion (magic)
      • Beginner Level 6 Jewelry Destruction Magic (magic)
Goldman v1

Goldman, asian style

  • Combat skill
    • He has excellent combat skills and weak monsters are almost always slain instantly.
    • He can run fast.
    • He can wield swords with both hands[6].
    • He has great archery skills.
    • He works well with his bow on top of the Wyverns.
  • Magic skill
    • He has developed a special ability[7] while using his own body’s characteristics.
    • He has strong magic resistance to most metallic magic.
    • However, due to its gold property, it is softer than usual.
    • He has an unlimited use of fire. However, excessive fire can melt and liquefy the body.
    • Enemies can be attacked in various ways from melting the body. However, a loss in volume will reflect on its body.
  • Other skill
    • He has Mining skill. He hunts inside abandoned mines around Morata and then mined for minerals with a pickaxe[8].


  • Background
    • To enter the Sculptors guild, one need to register as an artist of Rhodium city. For a foreigner to register as an artist, he/she only need to make an artwork anywhere in the City. Since Weed is a sculptor, he had to carve a sculpture there[9].
    • Weed went to an artist shop[10] to find the right materials to make the sculpture. After bargaining the price down from 18,000 gold to 10,110 gold, Weed bought all golds in the store to make the sculpture.
    • Weed named that sculpture "Sculptor with a lots of money" in a city where most of the artists are very poor. It was a sculpture made completely out of gold, and height of a man slightly shorter than him[11]. The sculpture was rated a masterpiece, partly because of the expensive material, partly because of Weed skill.
    • Somehow, he is similar to a golden and soft-hearted version of the T-1000 Terminator.
  • Weed Precious Teammate
    • Weed equipped Geumini with Agatha’s Holy Sword and Clay Sword. Using both swords and attacking opponent like a lightening was Geumini’s speciality [12].
    • His Master blackmailed Geumini, threatening that he would melt Geumini back into gold blocks if he refused to fight for him[13].
    • He was destroyed and lost his life to save his master[14] while fighting against Chaos Warrior Kubichya in Jigolath. Weed then ordered Golden Bird, Silver Bird and Yellowy to search and collect Geumini's remains[15]. He then did his best to revive him[16], but somehow Geumini lost some of his memories, or at least pretended to.
    • Weeds does NOT want him to risk his life, therefore in his presence, he tends to fight from a distance with his bow skills. Also, Weed forbids him to use his own unique skill,"Jewelry Destruction" unless they're in critical situation[17].
    • He is on friendly terms with the other Sculptural lifeforms and often fights on the Wyverns back[18].
  • Male or Female?
    • Like the Wyverns, Geumini also not affected by Lamias’ temptation. Weed seems forgot to carved those details while Sculpting them[19].


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