Concept Idea - Goddess's Knight Armor

Armor made from Helium, Mithril, Adamantium, high grade iron ores cooled with Holy Water.


Goddess's Knight Armor is a unique item crafted personally by Weed and imbued with the divine power of two Goddesses.


Weed forged this item in Hestia's Forge[1]

'He placed 35 pieces of Mithril, 12 Adamantium pieces and 55 high grade iron ores into Hestia’s hearth.

Weed threw the sculpture made of helium into the hearth. The hearth’s fire wrapped around the Helium sculpture and it started to melt.

Weed scooped out the Mithril and Helium and poured it into a template he created.
He mixed the Adamantium with iron and poured it into a template for an Orc armour. He waited for a short time next to Hestia’s hearth. The flames were roaring upwards.
He struck the armour in order to temper it. He repeatedly heated it then hammered it in order to increase the defense and durability.
Holy water was then used to cool off the Helium and the Adamantium armour. The holy water was obtained from his contributions to Freya’s Church and the Church of Lugh.[2]

Item InformationEdit

This is the information when Weed identified it.

Goddess' Knight Armor
Durability: 170/170Defense: 197
A divine metal armour has been born. Made from a mix of Helium and Mithril from the Thor Kingdom.

Made by the genius Weed who excels in sculpting and blacksmithing!

Goddess Freya’s love and Hestia’s consideration resulted in the divine power dwelling in this armour. The blessings from the goddesses will be an absolute help in defeating monsters.


Level 530
Knights recognized by the Goddess only.
Strength 900
Dignity 200
Faith 300


Faith +120
Fame +6,100
All stats increased by 31.
Arrows won’t hit it correctly.
Mana recovery rate increased by 39%.
Enemies will require a lot of luck to rob you.
The probability of acquired gold and items will increase due to your luck.
Defends from the darkness.
Defends from abnormal states.
Leadership over paladins and soldiers of religious orders will increase.
Resistant to black magic and curses.

Effect of Freya’s blessing:

When the enemy has strong damage, the defense of the armour will increase by 42%.
It is easier to obtain grain, herbs and nuts from the forests, mountains and fields.

Effect of Hestia’s blessing:

Damage from iron weapons will decrease.
Very light.
Very hard.
Will never break.


  • It is one of Weed's most expensive equipment, consisting of 35 pieces of Mithril, 12 Adamantium pieces, 55 high grade iron ores, Helium from the Helium Torch, Holy water from the Freya’s Church and the Church of Lugh.
  • It is the first item to be produced in Hestia's Forge. Weed used his power as the Lord to monopolize Hestia’s Forge before it opened.
  • Weed felt his skill was insufficient for creating the armor, but he made it anyway so that he can adjust the weight to match his combat style.
  • Weed poured all his bitter feelings into striking the armor all night until it was finally completed.
  • The completed armor has become harder due to Hestia’s flames.


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