Gloves of Dimensional Door is a reward from the Advanced Training Hall.


An unique item obtained by Weed through accomplishing the Path of Struggle[1], an Advanced Training Hall event, and rewarded by Batalli, the God of Fighting, himself[2].

Item InformationEdit

Gloves of Dimensional Door
Durability: 110/110Defense: 132
A mysterious item of the Fairy Knight Guwanbeder, who could move between boundaries of different dimensions.
The stories of his heroic adventures and battles were so extensive that it took 30 volumes to record them in books.

The gloves don’t have any special ornaments but they grant the ability to control the space within a 20 meter radius.
The user can move or deliver attacks through the circles that form randomly.
Touched by the breaths of the Fairy Knight, this item grants you great favor with the Spirits and Fairies.

Level 750.
Dexterity 1200.

Additional Effects
Weapon performance improved by 5%.
Fighting Spirit +200.
Dignity, Honor, Art, Charm stats +51
All stats improved by 5%
Dodge skill effect increased by 35%
Damage taken from magic and spirits decrease by 31%
Fame +13,283.
The user doesn’t take damage when holding the enemy’s weapon by hand, excluding weapons having spatial traits.
When equipped, special circles that can be used to teleport will appear within a 20 meter radius. 


  • Weed chose this glove over 'Gloves of Immortal Knight' and 'Gloves that Pierce and Destroy' as a reward in accomplishing the Advanced Training Hall, but due to insufficient Combat Accomplishments, he decided to conquer in the Palrangka War to compensate the missing points.
  • He was able to equip it due to his Blacksmith skill.
  • During the duel between Ultar and Weed in the war of Garnav Plains, he was able to utilize the effects of the glove for the first time.
  • The link between Guwanbeder et Fairy World I still unclear. Is the Fairy Knight in service of the Fairy Queen ?


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