Giant warrior
Mt. Ulken

Map of Mount Ulkeun


Giant Man (자이언트 맨). The Giant Man, the tyrant of Mount Ulkeun (울큰 산)[1] area, in Rosenheim Kingdom. He captured and enslave humans from villages around the area of Mount Ulkeun.


  • This huge giant posses a physically huge body, his footprint length 3+ meters[2]. This means his size is between 20 and 30 meters, which is the size of a building of 7 to 10 floors.
  • He is easily angered and not very bright (Intelligence stat on the lower side).
  • He is living in a large cave under a huge mountain[3].
  • He captured and enslaved humans from villages around the area of Mount Ulkeun to prepare a huge portion of food, wash and clean for him. In addition to that, the abductees have to prepare colossal size clothes for him to wear[4].

Monster InformationEdit

  • Special attack
    • He uses his strong arms and legs to attack.
    • Overwhelming, with an incredible strength
    • When running, the ground is shaking like an earthquake, and the risk is high to lose balance.


  • Quest was received by the Geomchi to get rid of this plundering moutain giant[5].
  • A child knelt on his knees in front of Geomchi begging for help. He accepted the request to help those in need and his disciples[6] casually followed his decision.
  • Giant man enslaved them to do all kinds of work for him. Geomchi must rescue the boy parents before the giant overworked them to death.
  • Geomchis followed along the giant footprints without properly gathering information on this monster. They don't even know how this monster looked like.

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