Ghoul Face

In RR, It is said to be a strong and named monster (V2, c6).

It has a strong instinct and a certain personality remains too.

Description[edit | edit source]

Dark Ghoul, [edit | edit source]


Subspecies of ghoul that you can find in the southern part of Rosenheim kingdom (v5c4)

Giant Ghoul,[edit | edit source]

Spotted in the plain of despair during the Lich Shire invasion (1st wave): "the ghoul generals leading the Zombies and Skeletons were three metres tall". v7c2

Ancient Ghoul,[edit | edit source]

In the cave of the 4 race. Attached to old dwarfic items. v27c2

Special attack[edit | edit source]

"Ghouls have sharp nails and teeth and far superior physical abilities than the average Undead skeleton" V7c2

Higher health & hunting as group in dungeon v27c2

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

To silver, holy water or divine magic.

Low speed and not very smart v27c2

Appearances in the novel[edit | edit source]

- in the cave of Dead Warrior (dungeon in Lavia v5c4). Dark ghoul. Level not specified 

- in the plain of despair, as commanding officer of Lich Shire legion V7c2. Giant ghoul. Level not specified. 

- in the Cave of the 4 races, in the dwarf cellar (an underground dungeon). Ancien Ghoul. Level around 350. v27c2.

Other features[edit | edit source]

The giant ghoul are Boss class Undead. It suggest the existence of a similar system to the Skeleton ranking system.

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