Ghoul face

Ghoul Face

In RR, It is said to be a strong and named monster (V2, c6).

It has a strong instinct and a certain personality remains too.


Dark Ghoul, Edit


Subspecies of ghoul that you can find in the southern part of Rosenheim kingdom (v5c4)

Giant Ghoul,Edit

Spotted in the plain of despair during the Lich Shire invasion (1st wave): "the ghoul generals leading the Zombies and Skeletons were three metres tall". v7c2

Ancient Ghoul,Edit

In the cave of the 4 race. Attached to old dwarfic items. v27c2

Special attackEdit

"Ghouls have sharp nails and teeth and far superior physical abilities than the average Undead skeleton" V7c2

Higher health & hunting as group in dungeon v27c2


To silver, holy water or divine magic.

Low speed and not very smart v27c2

Appearances in the novelEdit

- in the cave of Dead Warrior (dungeon in Lavia v5c4). Dark ghoul. Level not specified 

- in the plain of despair, as commanding officer of Lich Shire legion V7c2. Giant ghoul. Level not specified. 

- in the Cave of the 4 races, in the dwarf cellar (an underground dungeon). Ancien Ghoul. Level around 350. v27c2.

Other featuresEdit

The giant ghoul are Boss class Undead. It suggest the existence of a similar system to the Skeleton ranking system.

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