Ghost lady

A Female Ghost


Ghosts have no physical bodies... but you can hear their scream that echoes in their haunting place.


  • Ghosts are blurry apparitions of various size, class, sex and races.

Undead InformationEdit

It is a type of undead that is especially tricky to deal with.

  • Their ability to move through walls or even underground is dreadful.
  • Various class exist: Soldier[1], Knight[2].
  • Level expected to be at 120+


  • First appearance: Volume 2 Chapter 8, in the forgotten Bar Khan crypt, on the hidden flying Island Lavias. Weed was in search of a relic of the Freya church.
  • Second appearance: Volume 7 Chapter 2, during the battle against Lich Shire in the Plain of Despair. From the nearby lakes, Ghosts started to break through the water surface, joining with the other Undead hordes.
  • Third appearance :Volume 13 Chapter 1, during the Palrangka War. Weed became one of them through the Necromancer Skill xxx.

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