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Ghandilva is the Village Elder of Baran Village, a small village located in the southern region of Rosenheim Kingdom[1]. Under special circumstances, he can grant access to Lavia[2].

Profile and Data Edit

  • Name/Known as: Ghandilva, Village Elder
  • Korean Name: 간달바가
  • Species: Human
  • Status: Game world, NPC, Alive
  • Rank: Mayor
  • First Appearance: Volume 1 Chapter 10

NPC Information Edit

  • A an elder, he is considered to be the village's unformal leader[3].
  • He sometimes drinks too much, to the point of accidentally damaging Baran Village's Statue of Goddess Freya[4].
  • He has met both Weed's and Hermes team.
  • With the departure of Lavia[5], due to Golden Bird, he lost the key to Lavia.

Trivia Edit

Quest Title:
The Calamity of Baran Village
Baran was a peaceful and lively village until the Eastern Border was ravaged by hideous monsters. When the lizardmen raided the village, Ghandilva the Elder didn't have enough time to save all his people. He escaped, taking only the young. The adults decided to stay behind to stall for time. The wicked lizardmen captured the resisting adults and, instead of beheading them, enslaved them in a stronghold in the Western Valley. Rescue the parents of the children. If the time runs out, the lizardmen will show no hesitation in killing the villagers one after another.
Number of captives: 55
A Nameless Seed

  • Hidden key to Lavia
    • Ghandilva directly requested Darius to rescue the people of the village that were captured but was rejected[7].
    • Weed realized that the quest rejected by Darius could have a secret reward, so he accepted it instead, receiving the quest[8]:
    • As a reward, after succeeding, Weed obtained the Seeds of the Heavenly Tree[9].
  • Class Quest
    • Weed was requested to sculpt a new Statue of Freya, after the original located in the main square of Baran Village was damaged by drunk Ghandilva[10].
    • Ghandilva had asked Seoyoon to find a replacement for the damaged statue, but she returned after Weed had already finished his new sculpture, which resembled Seoyoon[11].
  • Alternate Ending
    • Time line 1: Due to the Embinyu Church converting Ghandilva[12] (time line 1), he is presumed dead.
    • Time line 2: Not much has been said about Haven Empire conquest of Rosenheim</ref>, but as lavia hidden key holder, he is presumed to be still alive.


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