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One of the top 5 instructor of the Dojang. Ahn Hyundo describes him as a man with a strong competitive spirit; he is fast and very tough to catch, though his impatience sometimes gets the better of him.

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    • Deflect Moving Blade:a Martial Artist skill he created,, it can neutralize enemy attacks and make the enemy lose balance[2].
    • Double Strike[3]
    • Heraim Fencing: he obtained this skill after challenging the Intermediate Training Hall, the Tower of Heroes 4th Floor[4].
    • Ice Blade[5]
    • Radiant Sword Sword: He learned this skill from Weed[6]
    • Revenge Slash[7]
    • River Sword[8]
    • Rock Destruction: this technique can be use to break a strong object[9].
    • Slice and Dice[10]
    • Stone Skin: he obtained this skill after challenging the Intermediate Training Hall, the Tower of Heroes 4th Floor[11].
    • Sword Cloning: He learned this skill from Sword Master Ash[12]
    • Urachachacha: it can unleash 99 consecutive attacks(advanced level 3): [13].
      • Any weapon can be used and the damage will get increasingly stronger.
      • Every 5th successful attack will paralyze the enemy for 1 second.
      • If the enemy avoids it then 38% of the counterattack will be neutralized.
    • Texture Sword: learned from Geomchi[14].
    • Sword that Cuts Anything: following Geomchi new skill creation[15].




  • He was the first one to discover they had Barley bread[18].
  • Practitioners considered him to be somewhat blunt and eager to help[19].
  • He finished the Beginner Training Hall on Lavias and obtained the hidden class Martial Artist[20].
  • He can wield all kind of weapons after switching to Martial artist class[21].
  • He and Dojang received a Martial Artist Quest, Quest Become a warrior aiming at challenging their sword skill and chivalrous spirit. It was given by a mysterious nameless Martial Art Master[22].
  • He together with Weed, Pale, Irene, Romuna,Mapan, Hwaryeong and the other Instructors, were the first ones to climb the peak of Horom Mountain, highest in the Yurokina Mountain range[23].
  • He went to the Todeum Kingdom together with Weed and his friends[24].
  • As the rest of the Dojang, he reached level 400 using only basic skills, but following Weed's advice they invested in wisdom and intelligence to power up their attack skill with mana[25].
  • After completing the quest Subdue the rebel army of Pallisar from Master Quest chain, the Geomchis were able to create a new Weapon Mastery skill[26]
  • The skill he created as reward from advancing in the Master Quest was Sword that Cuts Anything, initially created by Geomchi but adopted by him out of flattery for his master, even if he wanted to create a different skill[27].
  • As part of their next quest in the Master Quest, the Geomchi's instructors had to train NPCs and teach them Martial Arts, his disciples were taught for a month[28].
  • In the battle for Puhol Castle he accepted Konsuller's challenge, a Hermes Guild user, and immediately defeated him[29]
  • In the Earth Palace Battle he was killed by magical attacks after defeating hundreds of Haven Empire soldiers[30].
  • After the Earth Palace Battle ended, he was very active against Haven Empire's conquered territories[31].


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