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Considered as the top instructor by Ahn Hyundo himself, he has won the silver medal for the "Worldwide Sword Fighting Tournament" twice. He isn't good looking but has a dependable heart, from Seechwi's point of view. Was the second of the Geomchi's to get a girlfriend.

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  • He has a middle aged man appearance[19].
  • He is very skillful sword user with precise attacks to weak points like the joints, eyes, or the neck, without taking damage[20]. Ahn Hyundo describes him as a deep and caring brother who knows how to treat his trainees. He consider him the best of his disciples[21], aside from Weed.
  • He finished the Beginner Training Hall on Lavia and obtained the hidden class Martial Artist[22].
  • He can wield all kind of weapons, after switching to Martial artist class[23].
  • He and other Geomchis received a Martial Artist Quest, Quest Become a warrior aiming at challenging their sword skill and chivalrous spirit. It was given by a mysterious nameless Martial Art Master[24].
  • He, together with Weed, Pale, Irene, Romuna,Mapan, Hwaryeong and the Instructors, were the first ones to climb the peak of Horom Mountain, hightest in the Yurokina Mountain range[25].
  • He went to the Todeum Kingdom together with Weed and his friends[26]. There, he gave blood to vampire guards, so that Seechwi could enter Seirun Village[27]. That day, he won Seechwi's orcish heart.
  • He helped Orc Lord Seechwi to lead the orcs to Morata region [28].
  • As the rest of the Geomchis, he reached level 400 using only basic skills, but following Weed's advice they invested in wisdom and intelligence to power up their attack skills with mana [29].
  • After completing the quest Subdue the rebel army of Pallisar from Master Quest chain, the Geomchis were able to create a new Weapon Mastery skill as reward [30]
  • The skill he created as reward from advancing in the Master Quest was Sword that Cuts Anything, initially created by Geomchi but because he sees himself as his Master successor, he choose to create the same skill [31].
  • As part of their Master Quest, the Geomchis had to train NPCs and teach them Martial Arts, his disciples were taught for a month and the results were very good: skills were strengthened, body enhanced and super human health was obtained[32].
  • He, as most of the Muksabal Knights, died in the Earth Palace battle against Haven Empire[33].
  • Even if he has a beautiful girlfriend it was hard for him to have conversations with other women[34].
  • He doesn't has a high educational background, contrary to Seechwi[35].


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