One of the five Master Sculptor items Weed wanted to obtain. This statute contains the Emperor Geihar Von Arpen’s most outstanding sculpting skill, Sculptural Life Bestowal[1].


Weed received it from Sage Rodrias himself after completing the quest Search and Destroy operation in the Lair of Litvart and unlocks the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor hidden class as Geihar Von Arpen inheritor[2].

It contains Sculptural Life Bestowal skill, which is Geihar's secret Sculpture Skill.

Sculpture InformationEdit

Wooden Statue[3]
Durability: 1/1
This statute contains the Emperor Geihar Von Arpen’s skills.

Enables you to acquire a unique skill to give the breath of life to any statue.

Advanced stage in Sculpture Mastery


  • Rodrias family family used to serve the Imperial Family of the Arpenian Empire long ago. This item was inherited from generation to another, until today its his turn. They're searching for the chosen one, and finally he gave it to Weed.


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