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She is a novice Merchant who lives in Morata. Her objective is to establish new trade routes in the harsh north[1]. As her efforts brought fruits and her merchant level increased, she met Mapan and started a relationship[2]. She is part of the Toadstool group in the Grass Porridge Cult[3].

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  • Driving Wagon: a Transportation Skill that allows merchants to drive wagons[9]. The amount of weight carried will increase with proficiency[10].
  • Accounting: a merchant skill[11].



  • Merchant Wagon: a wheeled transport with enough space to fill with items[12].


  • Many merchants choose to do trading using established routes from Morata to the Central Continent. It was easy profits, roads established, good treatment from NPCs as Morata was known for its specialties, and safer from monsters[13].
  • She was first mentioned during the construction of Garden of the Gods[14].Unlike now, Arpen Kingdom's territory used to be dangerous and difficult to navigate. Like other merchants, Gamong filled the wagons with Morata's specialities and worked to establish safer trade routes among the Kigdom's villages selling her wares to travelers, soldiers, and lords and, in spite of the pessimism surrounding her, through perseverance and hard work she managed to enter inside Vent Castle and trade with its population, gaining their trust and a brief monopoly[15].
  • Thanks to her trades with Vent Castle her Accounting skill proficiency reached Intermediate level 2[16].
  • Contrary to Central Continent's Merchants, Gamong preferred to share information about her trading routes with the novice merchants of Morata and even introduced the merchants to Vent Castle, starting a new trend between Arpen Kingdom's merchants, stimulating the transport of goods all around the north and the discovery of new trade routes [17].
  • She changed the way the merchants in the Northern region approached their profession, creating a risk assuming culture, opening new trade routes to underdeveloped villages that initially offered marginal profit, which resulted in their development that in turn caused larger profits after having a stable trading relation with Arpen Kingdom[18]. This directly influenced the expansion rate of the kingdom, adding a lot of villages to the its territory.
  • She had a low level but her reputation with the NPC in the northern region was extremely high and kept spreading because of her huge role in the development of the Arpen Kingdom[19].
  • She and Mapan met each other in the Earth Palace when they opened a store in front of each other and got along immediately[20]. She and Mapan even started to sell goods together[21].
  • She often drinks Toadstool Porridge while talking with other merchant's about her intentions[22].

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