Statue of Goddess Freya

Goddess of Freya's Statue


Freya is Goddess of beauty and abundance[1] The Order of Freya is a prominent Religious Order in the South of the Central Continent. The Church Symbol was made red. [2] While supporting Weed, it also became a leading religious order in the Northern Continent. [3]


Freya's religious orderEdit

The order is made of :

  • a leader, called Pope for the Freya Church,
  • a council of High Priests,
  • many local leaders (intermediary level), called Bishop for the Freya Church
  • a local council of Priest (intermediary level)
  • many Priests
  • a large population of followers

Also, they have a strong military component with:

  • Paladins  

Freya's Church NPCEdit

  • The high priests
    • Alveron
      • A young, humble and talented high priest candidate to become their next Pope. He was trained under Weed's supervision. 

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  • Freya's Church
  • Godess of Beauty & Abundance
  • The Pope
  • Alveron
  • Alveron
  • Freya's Teleport Gates
  • thumb|The Church's Pope


Freya's relicsEdit

They are in possession of powerful artifacts.

Two of those relics where previously stolen or lost to Bar Khan in a previous war (which has not been told so far).


Their main church is at the free City of Somren. They are also present in Rosenheim Kingdom. But the Church in the capital of Rosenheim was destroyed later on by the Evil Embinyu Church[4]. And local religious practice where overthrown for a time (for example,Weed's Freya sculpture was broken)

The Church influence in Morata is steadily growing, with the support of Weed. There is a strong link between Morata and Freya's church due to common history (cf. Weed first quest in Morata) and due to the choice Freya made to support Weed for a year[5].


The Church offer a number of blessing and cures to people.


  • The past

Not much is know about Freya's church history. For example, we don't know how the order lost his relic on Lavias or if the order was part of the Niflheim Empire. But what we know is that the order was ready to risk a lot to gain influence in the Northern regions, fallen to Bar Khan and his minions after the the Fall of the Nifleheim Empire.

  • The present

The rise of the Church of Freya as the main religion in the northern part of Versailles Continent is due to the long standing relationship between the Church and Weed. It's all started in Baran Village when Weed accepted and finished the quest given by the elder to rescue their villagers[6]. After completing the quest, the elder gave Weed a quest to fix the Statue of Goddess of Freya that's been destroyed. When Weed finished the quest to build a sculpture of Goddess of Freya, the elder gave him a quest to retrieve the Lost Treasure of Church of Freya[7]. This lost treasure is one of the three sacred items of the Church of Freya. The Church warned that there is an evil armies amassing. Using the seed, Weed went to Lavias where the race Avian lives. Weed went to the Bar Khan's Crypt dungeon and saved Seagull which prompted him giving Weed a quest to retrieve the treasure of Freya inside the crypt. Van Hawk was the boss to beat to get to the altar where Helain’s Grail was placed.[8]. The Pope rewarded Weed with some items, Agatha’s Holy Sword, Rose engraved gloves, Ring of the High Priest[9].    

In the process, 2 strong henchmen of Bar Khan were defeated (Van Hawk and Tori and stolen from him by Weed). Then the Lich Shire and his undead Legion were destroyed. Later on, Bar Khan himself was defeated twice. The enmity between Freya's Church and the undead necromancer is strong    

  • A New and strong Spiritual force on the Northern Continent

While supporting and investing in Weed, Freya's order took an important risk in the North. Everything could have been lost to evil forces hidden in the North. But eventually, thanks to Weed wise leadership, the investment payed off. Now, Freya, the goddess of Fertily is revered in the North and the order has made very strong alliance with the Arpen Kingdom [10].


  • Weed was once offered the position as "Bishop of Freya" due to his high contribution towards this religious order. He became the first gamer in Royal Road ever offered position as high as a Bishop[11].
  • More to come


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