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Forbidden zone


Royal Road's most deadly areas. Their number is limited to 10.  That's why they are called the forbidden zones.

General description Edit

These zones should only be entered by very skillfull and high level players, which means for players with a level above 400+[1].

Most of the quests referring to these areas are at least master class level.

  • Weed and Seoyoon having to cross the desert of tranquility [2]
  • Python having to hunt a monster there[3])

Etc. Also, quests of epic proportion (A+ or S level) tend to be linked to those special areas. 

In fact, the 10 restricted areas are deadly to any player who attempts to venture inside them. Even Plains of Despair cannot compare to a forbidden zone in terms of level and danger. 

The regular wandering monster in those areas are often equivalent to high level boss monster in another area, if not beyond boss class level monsters of standard dungeons. To add insult to injury, there are no special limitations to the number of high level monsters in those regions either.

The exploration of these areas started only recently in Volume 18, and again in Volume 26.

List of the forbidden zonesEdit

Not all the forbidden zones were fully described. At the moment, we only know about : 

Argoldia Moutain Range Edit

(also named Ahrom de Aro)

  • Korean : 아룸디아는 
  • Appearance: First mention[4].
  • Climate: Dry
  • Geography: 
  • Monsters: Magician of dark Wood, Chimeras
  • Dungeons: the Dark Wood

It is located deeply within the mountain range in the Central Continent, with concentration of terrifying flying monsters. There was virtually no information on Argoldia. It was vastly different compared to Grapass.  "It is a desolate landscape of where it was impossible for even a blade of grass to grow" [5].

It might easily not rain for a month[6].

First mention was made by the Bishop of the Church of Lugh. Once, the Church of Lugh maintained a sanctum there but the Magicians of Dark Wood released Chimeras and monsters, making the region uninhabitable" [7]

A quest was by the Church of Lugh to restore their holy artifact: the Sword of Lugh. The expedition was led by a user named Spenson [8].

The magicians of Dark Wood are all senior magicians of level 460+.  And near their territory, teleport magic cannot be used [9].

Averian ForestEdit

  • Korean : 아베리안 숲  
  • Appearance: First mention[10].
  • Climate:
  • Geography: 
  • Monsters:
  • Dungeons:

A Master Class Quest requirement for the warrior Python was to hunt a boss monster there [11]. It is at the border to the Lasalle kingdom and had a strong influence on their fighting spirit [12]

Desert of Tranquility  Edit

  • Korean : 고요의 사막  
  • Appearance: When Weed decided to flee the Munoji Castle with Seoyoon, through an abandoned portal[13], during his legendary time-sculpting skill quest (also called Nodule and Hilderun historical quest).
  • Climate: A quiet and very dry desert (...) "where human like lifeforms couldn’t live". In fact, the heat of the Desert of Tranquillity burns away all mana so skills can’t be used.[14]
  • Geography: Endless red sand in the southern part of the Central Continent[15], with very few Oasis.
  • Tribes: Brukan Tribe
  • Monsters: Mostly none
  • Dungeons: Dungeon of the Fire Salamander King
  • History:

There were minimal users active in the desert. The environment is far too hot and painful with few monsters so only some people comes to the desert to complete quests. Lies in the hot sandy barren land is where the legendary oasis hidden by the Goddess Petra were Hestiger end his journey there in his pursuit to find his Great Emperor Weed after the Pallos Empire founded and Weed completing his Sculpting Master Quest.

Gray Pass Edit

(also named Grapass)

  • Korean: 그라페스
  • Appearance: When Weed decided to continue with the old handmaiden quest to find Zahab who took residence in Grapass[16].
  • Climate: Moist,
  • Geography: Stone pile plains, Marsh forest, rivers, lakes,
  • Monsters: Larvae, Giant Worms, Kellkog, Poisonous insects, Savage beast, Baby Karajak, grown up Karajak, mother Karajak, father Karajak, uncle Karajak, grandpa Karajak,
  • Dungeons: Karajak's Habitat, Penfils Dungeon, Geithner Dungeon, Carmel Lair.

Also named gray pass[17]. Was visited by Weed, on his quest to meet Zahab [18].

Grapass was located within Aidern Kingdom on the Central Continent[19]. Many hunting parties went to Grapass to get the magic seals and jewels from monster's drop. After completing his quests and Zahab was ready to go out exploring the world, Weed asked him to come hunting with him.[20]. They decimated dungeon after dungeon with Zahab's help. Inside Zahab's workshop there were still some sculptures left (Zahab only took about 80% of his sculptures), it is unknown if Weed took it back to the Art Center or not after Zahab left.


The Jigolaths

The Jigolaths, volcanic Island  Edit

(also named Las Phalanx)

  • Korean: 지골라스
  • Appearance: The Golden Bird gave Weed a quest to find the truth about the fall of Niflheim Empire[21]. It flew to northeast coast pointing to the sea.
  • Climate: Harsh cold frozen region, and warm temperate in the volcanic area.
  • Geography: Volcanic Mountains
  • Monsters: living tower of sculptors[22], a unique giant sculptural lifeform, lava dwellers, high-level monsters
  • Dungeons: Closed Helium Mine,

the land of Jigolaths, a land that has not been tread on by any man (...)" since the fall of the old Empire[23]. It is in fact an island[24]. The first zone was explored by Weed, followed by the Hermes guild.

The name Las Phalanx came from an attempt by a translator to convert "Jigolaths" into its English equivalent. The Korean name of Jigolaths uses characters meaning "hand" and "bone", and "hand bones" are "phalanges" in English. To add a bit of flair, "phalange" was then morphed into "Las Phalanx".

Wasteland of the LostEdit

  • Korean: 잃어버린 길의 황무지  
  • Appearance: First Mention[25].
  • Climate:
  • Geography: It is a huge and endless maze that connects the Central Continent to the Western Continent[26]. If you were not careful and equipped for it, as a gamer, entering this place would means your character would endlessly wander there until it died.
  • Monsters:
  • Dungeons:

It was also rumored that legendary swords or armours were buried there along with many treasures.


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