A little more is known about Fire spirits through Weed's elemental crafting quest. Nothing is known about their origin/plane of its existence. (short introduction, focus on 1 key element)


  • Summoning
    • Dark elves have been seen to summon "Kasa’s of fire" (fire fairies) to send them into Battle. v5c9
    • Some shaman is known to have strong affinities with fire spirit.

(size & ecology: food, a way of living, subspecies)

Monster InformationsEdit

  • Special Skill

Resistance to fire based magic

  • Known weaknesses
    • Weakness to water and frost magic.
    • An easily angered personality
  • Boss class spirit
    • Boss class spirit is documented to exists, with extremely powerful fire magic, at the level of a natural disaster (the Heatwave over Versailles Continent).
  • (combat-related info, special features)


  • The Boss class spirit was involved in the heat waves over the Versailles Continent.
  • Fire spirit haunted Weed until it was created.
  • (related to storyline or location) [1]

References Edit

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