Fire mantis
Yuroki Mountains

Yuroki Mountains


A ferocious monster Weed encountered in the Yuroki Mountains, in the Plains of Despair.


  • This insect-type monster looks like the mix of a mantis and a centipede, it is big as many other monsters in this region and its level is around 280[1].

Monster InformationEdit

  • Breaths fire to attack enemies.
  • It uses its weight to crush enemies.
  • It is very fast.
  • Hard shell.
  • Resistance to fire attacks
  • It is weak to ice and slow movement magic.


  • When Weed travelled to the Plains of Despair, he witnessed to a fight between Orcs and Fire Mantisses[2].
  • Using Sculptural Shapeshifting, Weed transformed into an Orc so that he could helped the orcs to defeat this monster. After defeating it, Weed obtained 1 point of Fame in the Yuroki Mountains[3].

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