While facing King Weed, Haven's armies went through various misfortunes, including the unexpected destruction of the Imperial palace [1].

Death penalty for armiesEdit

  • Loosing a large number of high level NPC is a major loss for any military force. Because, NPC, if killed, will not revive (they can only be used as undead summoning), where users will respawn (with the inescapable death penalty).
  • This impact of losing a battle is strongly increased by cost the destruction of grand buildings bring.

Destruction of half of Haven's armies in one dayEdit

The Haven Empire armies got utterly defeated on such a large scale for the first time ever. They were crushed so bitterly and on such a large extend  by the much weaker Arpen kingdom.

The 6 armies division where destroyed in this order

  • Drom's 6th army division

This division was the first to be fully wiped out by Hestiger , with the help of Weed and other high level users from Arpen[2]. Drom has been killed by Hestiger[3].

  • Draka's 1st army division

General Draka took the decision of throwing away Lafaye defensive safe war plan and moved to an aggressive tactic. Wanting to take over the Earth palace all by himself, his entire army was wiped out through Weed's trap. An entire division was taken out during the downfall of Arpen's Earth Palace[4].

  • Porcal's 3rd army division

General Porcal followed Draka's lead and wanted the 3rd division to compete with the 1st division. His army was wipped out at the same time by the downfall of the Earth Palace[5].

  • Instrium's 4th army division

General Instrium also wanted to compete with General Draka. Therefore the 4th division was also wipped out in the same way as both 1th and 3rd divisions[6].

  • Balbaro's 2nd army division

After the destruction of the 6th division, the 2nd division was attacked by Hestiger, and his troops [7]. The entire 2nd division was wiped out, with the contribution of independant pro gamers and special avians airborne tactic[8].

  • Banrommel's 5th army division

The 5th division suffered the same fate as the 2nd and the 6th divisions, on the same day with the same tactic[9].

Can this military failure be considered the tipping point of the Continental war ?

List of other military failures Edit

Haven's history of military losses in front of Weed military genius:

  • Attempt at Sea

The Naval fleet was almost destroyed and partly sinked in front of the forbidden land of Jigolath, with the support of the Undead navy fleet [10].

  • Failed attempt at Arpen's borders

The first expedition corp was defeated under Arpen's King leadership at the Arpen border, after the commander officer was killed in a fair duel by Weed himself. [11]

  • Failed attempt at the King's Earth palace

Six elite commanders were involved in the second Arpen invasion attempt[12]. Based on their ranking system, it ment that Haven sent half of his best forces, including an assassin unit, except for Bard Ray's own elite corp. But all 6 army divisions were annihilated.

  • Anihilation of one naval division  lead by Kalmaen, containing 300 heavily armed battleships at the hands of Northern users and Grass Porridge Cult divisions [13].
  • More to come.


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