The Fairy World is a unique and hidden place, ruled by the Fairy queen Teneidon.

Description Edit

A peaceful world. There was a developed city with various small species, including the fairies, living in flowers and trees. [1]

Kingdom InformationEdit

Like Vampires with Todeum, Fairies are a species with their own plane/world/kingdom.

The World of FairiesEdit

  • There is queen ruling over this word. Her name is Teneidon. Fairies are especially vigilant towards any wickedness. Anyone who would try to enter with wicked intentions would be seriously attacked[2].
  • There are multiple type of fairies[3]. Overall, fairies behave like naive young children. They are very playful and they like to tease.
  • To have a chance to develop friendship with a fairy, you need to develop a very strong affinity to nature and probably art too. Therefore, it is very rare to make friends with the fairies. But once befriended, they can chatter without end. Listening to fairies, can gift you with information or even more...

Famous placeEdit

There is a few legendary places in the fairy world. The most famous is their unique Fairy pond.

  • Fairy fountain
It's a fountain gushing from the centre of the world and the water contains the vitality of nature.

Fairies love to play in the water. And you may find several fairies swimming, sitting in the water or sleeping on it. In addition, there were rare fairy species with horns on their heads or fairies that looked like little children that live there.

Benefits :
    • The vitality of the tired body increase.
    • The body’s fatigue will be 100% restored.
    • Thirst is completely gone.
    • Physical and mental states are completely restored just like after a period of deep sleep.
    • Maximum health has increased by 13,980.
    • Maximum mana has increased by 6,500.
    • All stats have permanently increased by 12.
    • Knowledge and wisdom has increased by 10.
    • Insight has increased by 3.
    • Charm has increased by 59.
    • Improvement speed of physical skills will increase by 3%.
    • Affinity to Nature has increased by 61

But once the water has been removed from the fountain, it will soon lose its effect.


  • A hidden world

Other species are not allowed to tresspass, except on very rare occasions, for example after the Queen Teneidon invites them[4].

  • Human trespassing in the fairy world only happened twice so far. The Painter Petrov and the Sculptor Weed[5]. For this place was a blessing.
  • The Ellyon. It was Geihar Von Arpen who gifted life to them. They are one of fairies tribe.
  • The mysterious Fairy Knight

The Fairy Knight Guwanbeder was able to move between boundaries of different dimensions, with the help of the Gloves of Dimensional Door. His link to the Queen is shrouded in Mystery.


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