Fabio's Sturdy Heavy Armor


A heavy armour made by Blacksmith Fabio, who later become Master Blacksmith. While it lacks notable features, it reigns supreme in terms of defensive power.


  • Crafted by Fabio, who is talented in Blacksmithing Art. This armour is one of the best quality armours he ever crafted in this life.
  • Poses high durability. He reinforced this armour six times with special minerals.
  • Armour Physical appearance;
    • Thick and very heavy, so no damage taken from weak attacks.
    • It is perfect for a talented fighter who knows how to deal with thick and heavy armour.
  • Item main characteristics;
    • Increases the user maximum health(생명력) by 40% and reduces physical damage by 45%.
    • 30%(max) damage will reflect back to the attacker. It depends on the user willpower(맷집) stat.
    • The user strength and agility stats will decrease by 35 and 140 respectively due to its heavy and thick nature.
  • Other characteristics;
    • Unlike Goddess's Knight Armor, there are no other special characteristics, but it is overwhelming with defensive power.

Item InformationEdit

Fabio's Sturdy Heavy Armor[1]
Durability: 250/250Defense: 241
A suit of armour made by Fabio, a blacksmith who knows how to hammer a piece of metal. This is one of the best-quality armours he has ever crafted in his life.

It has been reinforced six times by mixing in special minerals. It is thick and heavy, but when a talented fighter who can properly handle equipped it, this armour will inflict much despair on the enemies attempting to attack them. It is in pristine condition.


For Knights, Fighters and Warriors only.
Level 520.


Maximum Health stat increased by 40%.
Physical damage decreased by 45%.
Magic resistance by 3%.
Maximum 30% of damage reflection, depends on user willpower.
Strength -35.
Agility -140.

Very heavy.

No damage will be taken from weak attacks.


  • After he entrusts his Goddess's Knight Armor to Blacksmiths Fabio and Herman, Weed received this armour in exchange from Fabio. Though it does not possess unique attributes as Goddess's Knight Armor, it is superior in terms of physical defence.
  • Weed equipped this armour for the first time when he was going through the Path of Struggle inside the Advanced Training Hall, situated at Taho city, of the Ancient Arpen Empire[2].
  • A Hero that Protects Princess Remi[3]
    • Weed wore this armour when he was sent back in Versailles History in time of Pralangka War for the second time by Batali, The God of Fighting.
    • His mission is to rescue and safely protect Princess Remi on her way back to her origin kingdom.
    • He equipped this armour to block and protect the princess from arrow attacks, though he could easily summon spirits or use magic to block the attack.
  • More to come.


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