The Dwarf Fabio, Thor Kingdom’s chosen Blacksmith, made the best armors since the Early days of royal road[3]. After agreeing to serve Arpen Kingdom to create an armor with Helium, he became the first Blacksmith Master, at the same time as Herman, his colleague, friend and rival[4].

Profile and dataEdit

Stats and skillsEdit

As a Blacksmith, Fabio has access to his class Skill tree.

  • List of skills
    • Equipment Enhancement Skill (장비 개량) He learned this skill when he reached Intermediate Blacksmith Skill[8].
    • Ego Sword Production Skill (에고 소드 제작) Another Hidden Blacksmith skill he learened when he became an advanced blacksmith. He made his daughter sell an ego sword he made in secret to keep track of it. He came to know that a person who got this sword experienced increase in the sword's power after using it for a while and repairing it. But it was nothing considerable which made Fabio Give up on this skill[9].
    • Magic Sword Production Skill (마법 검 제작) A secret blacksmith Skill that he learned After he became an advanced blacksmith. This skill was learned by Fabio to make a magic sword that could kill Arkyong Kaybern since normal swords couldn't penetrate his hide[10].
    • Mineral Smelting Skill (광물질 제련) His first Hidden Blacksmith skill. He learned it when he changed his profession to Ironblood Blacksmith[11].
    • Sword Grinding Skill (검 갈기 스킬)he learned when he reached intermediate blacksmith level[12].

Forge and ItemsEdit

  • Famous items he made:
    • Rainbow Colored Amour was known as Fabio's greatest work before he became a master blacksmith. Seven Rare minerals were combined to make the item. It was a full plate armor that covered the whole body. It boosted Physical & Magical defense and strengthened leadership skills. It was known to have huge respectable defense[13].
    • Pauldrons of the Iron Wheel Armour was given to Weed by Fabio as a fare-well gift. It was an item with severe offensive build[14].
    • Fabio's Black Sword was created with Helium at request of Weed to create a weapon out of helium. It was a sword that would follow its master and grow with it[15].
    • Fabio's Sturdy Heavy Armor was an armor reinforced six times by mixing in special minerals. It was received by Weed from Fabio when he gave Goddess's Knight Armor to the blacksmith, in case he needed protection. It did not have many notable features, but its defensive capacity alone was absolute[16].
  • As a High level Blacksmith he is able to wear any kind of equipment without level Restriction or any other type of Restriction unless the requirements are too high.[17]


  • In the begining of the Royal Road good weapons were scarce and even an ordinary long sword brought enormous envy and jealousy, That was when Fabio decided to become a black Smith and he was quite content with it[18].
  • It wasn’t publicly known, but Fabio was the true leader of the guild called Iron Road. He managed his guild while making them equipment. With more friends than enemies, he even wielded both tangible and intangible influence[19].
  • During Weed's farewell party Fabio granted him a reward of his choice to Weed which was his Pauldrons of the Iron Wheel Armour(an item with severe offensive build) as a Fare-Well gift[20].
  • During the Master Class Quest, Fabio learnt to deal with both metal and fire!His blacksmith skill proficiency had reached a high of 99%. He was waiting to become a master but even the most perfectly created sword didn’t increase it anymore. Even smelting hard metal didn’t change the proficiency. Which led him to deduce that he had to create a legendary sword that would be known throughout the continent in order to become the master blacksmith and become the ruler of metal[21].
  • Fabio and the junior blacksmiths decided to aid the conquest of Central Continent by the Haven Empire. The dwarves made weapons and defensive items from ores[22].
  • While challenging Master quest Weed Offered to make a sword from helium And tempted by the Offer Fabio went to the Arpen Kingdom. Upon reaching, Weed made him sign a contract with unforgiving conditions and also made him pay 30M gold as deposit. He engaged in a competition with Herman for the right to make the Helium Sword who also had same offer by weed and Fabio Won the Competition And Made a Historical Black Sword with Helium that would follow his master and grow with him[23].
  • While Fighting in Path of struggle weed was wearing Fabio's Sturdy Heavy Armour which had absolute defensive Capability.


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