Emerging Empires

Introduction Edit

There is a ferocious competition between kingdoms. But the main competitors about the leadership are: 

  • Haven Kingdom (Hermes Guild)
  • Embinyu Cult
  • Arpen Kingdom

Also, more and more resources of the previous Empire are emerging.

One of them will become the future Empire of the Continent. 

The Haven Empire Edit

The major force on the Central Continent, which is currently aiming at becoming an Empire. It used to lead the Hegemony Alliance before it broke the peace treaty and attacked the Melbourne Mine, an important dungeon of the Black Lion Guild. It broke out and conquered the Kallamore kingdom, the strongest NPC kingdom on the Central Continent. It continued this through its attacks on the Britten Alliance Kingdom run by the Cloud Guild and the Raum Guild's Kingdom. The rest of the kingdoms on the Central Continent have also become a part of the Haven Empire.

The first guild able to kill a dragon, after Weed of course. Also, the first to claim the title of an Empire (v31c4). 

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Embinyu Empire?Edit

A mysterious hidden force, which aims at taking over the Continent and start a new dark age (v?c?). But it could be considered as an Empire of the Dark?  

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Arpen Kingdom (soon to be Empire) Edit

After inheriting the title of Morata's Lordship, Weed developed his own new Arpen Kingdom. He also discovered key elements to the founding of an Empire.

It all started with:

  • The completion of the quest given by the clever Councillor Rodriguez, where Weed discovered the hidden legacy of the first Emperor Geihar von Arpen. Not only did Weed inherit his own personal fighting/sculpting skills (v1c8), but he also inherited an extraordinary sculpting skill: Life Bestowal Skill.
  • He also solved the mystery related to the fall of the Niflheim Emperor in the Sendheim Valley (v8c6)(v10c7) and revealed the Evil Embinyu Cult's existence.  
  • He also recovered and repaired the lost Seal of the Emperor, which gave him access to some of the cultural heritage of the first Empire, the Arpen Empire (v18c1).
  • During the first S-Class quest in Jigolath/Las Phalanx, no only did he achieve the Retrieval of the Dragon Sword, Red Star. But he also revealad even more of the history of wrong doing of the Embinyu Cult.
  • At the end of an S-Class quest in Jigolath, he unlocked the secret to found an Empire and gained the title "Heir of the Niflheim Empire". He also unlocked Golden Bird's memories and got various benefits related to this new status, including the nobility stat (v21c1). 
  • During his Master Class quest, Weed became king of the newly founded Arpen Kingdom. He also unlocked even more historical and cultural resources to help him founding an Empire: some of Geihar von Apren's old living sculptures, the garden of God etc. He also strenghtened his alliance with the older races: the dwarves, elves and orcs.  

The competition with Embinyu and Hermes is just starting... 

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