Embinyu sculpture

Embinyu, sculpture

A cult order that worships the God, Embinyu, the Keeper of Hell. The Embinyu Cult is organized in 12 sects [1]. Most of them were hidden [2] for a very long time.

A true Church of destruction

A devilish and perverted belief system

The church aims at "saving the world" by raising war, promoting chaos and destruction on the Central Continent it. [3]. They consider themselves the righteous religion, and for example consider Bar Khan, an undead, as a false belief [4]. Also, they have a strong connection to the plan of Hell [5].

Rejected and hunted down by other churches

According to Alveron, Freya's new high priest candidate, A long time ago the Embinyu Church was once recognized as a religion on Central Continent. But due to their belief system, and their destructive course of action (bloody sacrifices and slaughtering of innocent people), the other religions have rejected the Embinyu Church[6].

In the present time

  • Used by the Haven Empire and the Hermes guild

The Hermes guild planned from the beginning to use this evil Cult to weaken their competitors. They had their own spies within the Cult, the "shadow troops", under the lead of Palma [7].

In the original plan to conquer the central continent, the Embinyu Church had to survive until the end. They would then reunify the continent and restore peace under the guise of getting rid of the Church. (...) A new age of Haven Empire rule would be ushered in".[8]

  • Destroyed by the king of Arpen

In the end, it was Weed who took out the church in the present time and during the warring age.

First, an official war was started against the Embinyu Cult by the other religious orders  [9], after Weed revealed the existence and the wrongdoing of the church [10]. The churches of Lugh and Freya are the leaders of this coalition [11]. The King of Arpen was called to help against them [12].

In the warring age

  • Weed was supported and blessed by various Gods [13] and tasked by them to hunt down destroy the church before they could resurrect the Dragon Ausollet [14]

The 12 sects of Embinyu

Church High priest

Each sect has a very powerful high priest, with special powers, to lead the church. High Priest have a connection to Embinyu. Most of them are NPC, but users can also become a high priest.

Church armies

Most of the sect and hidden and some are even dormant, awaiting the call for destruction. But some of the sects have gathered entire armies. The typical Embinyu army is organized into 8 arms with different characteristics [15]. Those 8 arms mirrors the image of the dark god of Embinyu himself.

Description of each sect

1th Sect

  • Leader: High Priest Heuller, "his body doesn’t show his age and he is gripped with deep wisdom, greedy and a strong desire for destruction". His fortress are the Barren Howling Ruins [16]
  • Army: Yes
  • Appearance: [17]
  • Location:

This particular sect was buidling the Sky Tower, in the warring Age, in order to achieve the Chaos Dragon Ausollet’s awakening. It was in order to speed up the end of the world. Weed was informed by the Saint Ahellun that he had 10 days to defeat them, after he achieved victory against the 4th sect army in front of the Dulmore Fortress of the Beiner kingdom [18]

2th Sect

  • Leader:  ???
  • Army:  ???
  • Appearance:  ???
  • Location: ???

3th Sect

  • Leader:  ???
  • Army: Yes
  • Appearance: ???
  • Location:

Was attacked by Weed with Natural disaster [19]

4th Sect

  • Leader: High Priest Motuls
  • Army: Yes
  • Appearance: [20]
  • Location:

During the warring age, the 4th sect army was destroyed by Nodule's army. Both grand priest, Igrig and Motul were killed by Weed himself[21], with the help of Zahab and Hestiger at a large scale battle in front of the Dulmore Fortress.

5th Sect

  • Leader:  ???
  • Army:  ???
  • Appearance:
  • Location:

6th Sect

  • Leader: High Priest Igrig
  • Army: Yes
  • Appearance: [22]
  • Location: ???

During the warring age, the 4th sect army was destroyed by Nodule's army. Both grand priest, Igrig and Motul were killed by Weed himself [23], with the help of Zahab and Hestiger, at a large scale battle in front of the Dulmore Fortress.

7th Sect

  • Leader:  ???
  • Army:  ???
  • Appearance:  ???
  • Location: ???

8th Sect

  • Leader:  ???
  • Army:  ???
  • Appearance:  ???
  • Location: ???

9th Sect

  • Leader: High Priest Belloni
  • Army: Yes
  • Appearance: [24]
  • Location:

Responsible for the downfall of Rosenheim Kingdom. But the Rosenheim Kingdom was restored, through Weed quest in the warring ages, after the fall of the 4th sect army in front of the Dulmore fortress [25].

10th Sect

  • Leader:  ???
  • Army:  ???
  • Appearance:  ???
  • Location: ???

11th Sect

  • Leader: High Priest Feylord
  • Army: Yes
  • Appearance: : [26]
  • Location: River of Lamentation
  • Known as: Resurrection Church

The so called "Resurrection" Church was the Matallost Church corrupted by Embinyu Church, who took control over the Matallost Priesthood. It was destroyed by Weed, who instead restored the true cult of the Matallost Church.  [27]

12th Sect

  • Leader:: High Priest ???
  • Army: Yes
  • Appearance: Vol9Ch10
  • Location: Baseurin of Valley of Death

Also known as the Valhalla Sect [28] It plotted and contributed to the destruction of the former Nilfheim Empire [29]. It was destroyed by Weed while doing "Retrieving Treasure and Restore the King's Honor" Quest. [30]. They uses demon and also Evil Spirit of Water.

Embinyu's work of destruction through the Ages

In the present time

  • Destruction of the Rosenheim kingdom

More to come [31]

  • Destruction of other kingdom

More to come [32]

In the past

In the past, Niflheim Empire stood up against the Embinyu Church and for a very long time, Embinyu was thought to have been destroyed. But, instead the Embinyu church had been thrust into hiding with the goal of reorganizing itself. After that, Embinyu went into hiding, all the while organizing and supporting disruptive actions, aimed at destroying the Niflheim Empire.

Embinyu Priests then organized wicked plan before they waged war against the Empire. They plan on eliminating Archmage Seulroeo, his disciples and friends first. His fiancée, Byron's family members and disciples were all killed by Embinyu. They slandered Niflheim Imperial family for all these events and totally brainwashed him. Depressed Seulroeo believed them, and finally joined Embinyu Church for revenge plan[33].

In the end, it was responsible for the fall of the Niflheim Empire, as Weed found out during his quest in the Jigolaths [34] and in the Sendheim Valley  [35] where the last King of Niflheim lost his life. 

  • Destruction of other kingdom

More to come [36]


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