Embinyu's Church Cultist UNFINISHED
Dark knight

Servant warrior of Embinyu

Local NPC servant of the Evil Embinyu Cult. 


More to come


First seen in the Sendheim Valley, also called valley of death (v9c3), before the fall of the local Embinyu Cult (12th church)

Combat featuresEdit

Same skill as regular NPC, with the mindset of Embinyu worshippers... tend to use a mace v9c6.

Special attack Edit

Related to their class and level

Can expect buff and supports from an Embinyu priest. Similar effect to Possesion magic. v9c9



Other featuresEdit

The 12th Church of the Embinyu cult, are also called Dibase cultist. Later on translated as Embinyu Church Cultist by Endling. 

Various level. They are described as warriors and "trackers" dedicated to the Cult. Also named "evil spirit soldier" or "servant evil spirit tracker" in the Death Valley v9c3.

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